Q&A with Eddy Camacho

NYFansonly recently sat down with Cyclones reliever Eddy Camacho and talked to him about his solid season. Through August 9th, Camacho has the best ERA of any Cyclones reliever at 0.69. Camacho has allowed just 2 earned runs and allowed 14 hits in his 26 innings of work, while striking out 25 and walking only 6. Camacho is proving you don't have to be drafted to be successful.

NYF: You came to the Mets as non-drafted free agent this year. Was it disappointing not being drafted?

Eddy Camacho: I was a little disappointed I didn't get drafted. I had couple of people call me and told me if I was willing to get drafted this year, and I obviously said yes. My family was disappointed that I didn't get picked up in the draft as well, but I am here now so I'm happy.

NYF: Did any other teams show interest in you after the draft, and what made you decide to sign with the Mets?

Eddy Camacho: The Phillies showed interest in me, but the Mets have been looking at me for couple of years. After reviewing all my options I felt the Mets were the best choice for me.

NYF: You struggled your two years with Cal State, but are putting up outstanding number's here in Brooklyn. To what do you attribute to the difference?

Eddy Camacho: Just lots of hard work on the side. Also here you have the wooden bats. In college even if you throw a good pitch the ball will find its way with the metal bat. Here if you make a good pitch, you break a bat or get them to hit it on the ground or something. Not doing anything real different, but the utilities of the two levels makes it a big difference.

NYF: You started the season at the Gulf Cost League, and came here in early July. What were you thinking when you found out you would be coming here, and how has the experience been for you?

Eddy Camacho: I was surprised, I was happy. I had family out in Florida as well, but when I got my promotion I was just so happy. I kept hearing about all the fans here and the atmosphere I just wanted to play everyday.

NYF: What types of pitches do you throw and which pitch do you feel is your best one?

Eddy Camacho: I throw an 88-90 fastball, as well as a change-up and a slider. I think my slider is my better pitch. I just have lots of confidence to throw that pitch in any count, in any situation.

NYF: Is there a pitch that you're working on more here, or a pitch your trying to develop?

Eddy Camacho: I would say my changeup in terms of throwing it to a left-handed batter. I haven't really thrown my change-up to a left handed batter previously but that is something I need to learn to do, and here is the best place for me to learn.

NYF: Have you changed anything mechanical wise with Hector Berrios [pitching coach] since you came to Brooklyn?<

Eddy Camacho: Nothing really mechanical, however just trying to be quicker to the plate with guys on base. Hector wants me to be more quick to home plate when a guy who can steal a base is on first, so that is something I am trying to work on and improve.

NYF: You started some games for Cal State and were used also as a reliever. Here you have been used just as a reliever. Do you prefer one role to the other?

Eddy Camacho: I love starting because you know when you will pitch and it is easier to get mentally prepared. However being a reliever is a great opportunity for me. You come out and have to be aggressive and I feel I am suited for that. I love being a reliever as well, it's pretty awesome.

NYF: At what point in your career did you really learn how to pitch?

Eddy Camacho: My freshman year in Junior College. I had a tremendous coach and he really taught me how to pitch. I played outfield in high school so I didn't really concentrate on pitching until I went t Junior College.

NYF: Did you play any other sports?

Eddy Camacho: No, it has been pretty much baseball for me. I played some basketball but nothing organized, just for recreational purposes.

NYF: Was there a player that you modeled yourself after growing up?

Eddy Camacho: I was a big Ken Griffey fan, I just loved the way he played. Now that I am a pitcher I kind of envision myself after Eric Gagne and his mentality as a closer. I love watching him pitch and he really pumps me up.

NYF: You grew up in the West Coast and now are in the East Coast and the big city of New York. Which is better?

Eddy Camacho: Oh man, I miss California, but I would not change this for anything. My friends call me up every day and tell me I am so lucky to be here. I love New York.

NYF: What is your favorite part of New York?

Eddy Camacho: Definitely Manhattan, Times Square. Just things I have seen on television back at home, and now I can come here and see things in person like the Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero, it is just an amazing feeling.

NYF: So this is your first time in New York?

Eddy Camacho: Yea, but my dad grew up here in the Bronx and he told me things about New York, so it is pretty good and I enjoy this.

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