Q&A: David Wright

Mets third baseman David Wright slugged his first Shea Stadium home run on Tuesday, driving in two runs to help lead New York to a 7-3 victory over the Houston Astros. <P> Wright discussed his increasing comfort level in a NYFansOnly Premium Q&A (Subscriber Content):

That must have felt pretty good, to hit your first home run at Shea last night. What's your mindset as you approach every new day in the major leagues?

Oh, it was nice. Every day, I'm just trying to do something productive to help the team win. Whether I'm driving in runs or doing small things like moving runners over with situational hitting, the bottom line is to just help the team win and get more 'W's.

Has this had a chance to slow down a little bit for you, or is it still pretty much a whirlwind of activity?

I think it was good that I got [a chance] to get my feet wet here at home for four or five days when I got called up, [and] then got to go on the road and get into a routine and get to know my teammates a little better and not have the hustle of New York. Now, coming back, I feel a lot more comfortable and a lot more confident on this homestand.

How different is it on the road as compared to being in the middle of New York?

Honestly, people say it's great to play in St. Louis and places like that, but to me, this is the best place to play. When you're in New York, you don't get this energy or excitement that you get here anywhere else. The fans have been outstanding and most of the time you don't even have to go out there and stretch [to get loose]. It's a thrill to just go out and play in front of the New York fans.

It's probably a good idea to stretch before the games.

(Wright laughs) Yeah, but most of the time you walk out there and you've just got the blood flowing and the adrenaline flowing. It's an adrenaline high and you're just ready to play.

After a bit of a shaky start, do you think you're beginning to feel more comfortable defensively?

It's just going to come with experience, and the more I work with the coaching staff, the more comfortable I'll be. It's natural to be nervous the first couple of weeks that you're up, and it could take a little longer. Who knows? As far as right now, I feel every day that I'm getting more comfortable and that's a great credit to our coaching staff. They've done a great job preparing me and helping me feel comfortable.

How are your levels of nervousness coming along?

Obviously, the nerves are going to be there when you're playing in front of 30,000 people. You've just got to harness them and I think, obviously, you need to be able to put those butterflies aside and just go out there and play your game.

Each level that I've come up through the organization, I've had that nervous energy, but I think as time goes on, you become more confident in your ability and you tell yourself that 'I can play with these guys.' In my case, I was nervous coming up here, but every day I feel like I'm becoming less jittery.

I feel very comfortable at the plate and I'm beginning to feel more and more comfortable in the field. It's not so much mechanics; I think a lot of it was just mental. Now, I'm beginning to be able to go out there and just field a ground ball and not really think about it without trying to overanalyze everything too much. When I was playing third base in the minor leagues, I wasn't thinking about anything – you just react. I think that's a good way to be. It's almost like being too perfect. I just need to go out and let my natural abilities take over.

Have any of the veterans given you a hard time, ribbing you about your rookie status?

Not at all. The veterans have been great from day one, and I think that's been one of the keys to feeling comfortable from the get-go, is to have these veteran guys willing to take you under their wings and help you learn from your mistakes and pat you on the butt and give you words of encouraging and advice. That's been one of the most important things for me, to have those veterans to confide in and give me advice.

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