Q&A: Gerald Williams

Playing for the sixth organization of his major-league career and his second this year, not a whole lot worries Mets outfielder Gerald Williams anymore. <P> Now filling a backup role on New York's roster, Williams professes that whatever the future might bring, he'll be ready for it. (Premium Content)

Would you say this year has been stressful for you, with the switch of teams and going up and down, or is it easy-going?

My whole life is easy-going. I mean, I have no quarrels with anything. Life is what it is. It's a beautiful thing.

So, you've obviously having fun with the Mets, and having fun this whole season?

Well, I have fun in life. I don't particularly direct anything that happens to me in life to baseball. That's not the way I think.

So regardless of what happens at the stadium or anything, you're fine, because…

Baseball is not my life. It's a part of my life.

That's a good outlook. Has it always been that way for you?

Yes, and that's thanks to my mother. You have to have great life experiences, and you don't need to have just one experience in life. Baseball would be just one experience.

Did you ever think you would play in New York again?

In this game, you never know, so you try not to forecast or predict, because you'll find you don't have all of that information for the future.

With the number of injuries that the Mets have had here in the last couple of weeks, could you see yourself stepping into a larger role?

That's not a question I think I can answer right now. You'll have to ask Mr. Howe. I feel pretty much the same as I always have.

You've been able to keep your speed after so many years. Is there any secret to keeping your ability and endurance for so long?

Stay conditioned and stay prepared. I run a lot in the offseason, pretty much sprints and speed work in Tampa, [sometimes] with [former major league pitcher] Alan Mills.

I know you don't forecast, but what could you see yourself doing down the road? What other life experiences would you like to have?

You deal with the moment at hand and you don't try to predict the future, because you don't have the information. Maybe you do, but I don't. Seize the moment at hand, and that's all you can do. Everything that comes along could be a surprise. Like I said, you think about it and understand it's beyond your understanding. Once you understand and accept that, you find that life always has a way embracing you.

And you were always like that?

Always. The same thing's going to happen anyway, regardless. The last I checked, my blood pressure's a little bit low.

Except when you're running around the bases?

I don't get tired, so probably not even then.

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