Q&A with Caleb Stewart

Caleb Stewart, a 22nd round draft choice in the 2004 draft from the University of Kentucky, originally began the year with the Cyclones but was sent to Capital City to get his fair share of at bats. Stewart played 25 games with the Bombers hitting .314 with six doubles, five home runs and 15 RBI's. Stewart sat down with NYFansonly Sunday night before going 2-3 with 2 doubles and an RBI.

NYF: You were a 22nd round pick in this years draft. Share your experiences so far.

Caleb Stewart: It has been fun, had some up's and down's. I just got here the other day from Cap City but overall it has been pretty fun. I'm just happy to get the chance to play professional baseball. It has been something I have always wanted to do, and now I have that chance.

NYF: When the Mets sent you to Cap City did they tell you why and did they say anything about you possibly rejoining the Cyclones?

Caleb Stewart: They didn't really say much, other than wanting to get me some at bats and play everyday. I just wanted to show them what I can do and get the chance to play everyday. I was there for a month and played very well. They said it was possible for me to come back down to Brooklyn but they were not sure.

NYF: Do you find it strange getting "demoted" after performing so well at Cap City?

Caleb Stewart: No, not really. It is my first year here and some guys have been here more, so the Mets wanted to move them on to higher levels. I am just trying to get more experience here in pro ball so I really did not find it all that strange.

NYF: When did you find out you would be coming to Brooklyn?

Caleb Stewart: They told me Friday night. We played a double header and I went a combined 5-6, and after the game the manager called me into his office, and told me.

NYF: Did the organization give you a reason?

Caleb Stewart: They just told me I was coming back to Brooklyn. They mentioned something about an age requirement and needing to send a guy that did not fit the requirement to a higher level so since I was young enough I came here, and someone older moves to there.

NYF: How was playing baseball for Kentucky, a school known for basketball and not baseball?

Caleb Stewart: You don't get much attention but it was a lot of fun getting to play in the SEC, and against other schools in the SEC in which their primary sport is baseball. I really enjoyed the competition and playing for Kentucky has always been a dream of mine since I grew up in Kentucky.

NYF: Do fans come to the games?

Caleb Stewart: Not so much. The stands were not filled like they would be for a basketball or a football game.

NYF: For a fan watching you play what would they see from you?

Caleb Stewart: I play both corner outfield positions and I excel better in my offensive game. I have some power and hopefully I will be able to keep up my hot hitting here.

NYF: When did you begin to think professional baseball would be a career path?

Caleb Stewart: Probably my first year in college I got an idea. There was some talk of me being drafted out of high school but deep down I never felt that. After my first year I started talking to people and they really felt I had a chance to play, and at that point I realized it myself.

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