Q&A with Chuck Smith

Chuck Smith was recently promoted to Brooklyn from the Kingsport Mets. Smith was moving around between Rookie League and the Gulf Coast League before the promotion and is one of the relievers that manager Tony Tijerina will feel comfortable with in a crucial late of game situation.

NYF: You have been on the move this year in the lower levels but are now with the Cyclones, and are probably here to stay for good in the stretch run.
Chuck Smith: Yea, I went from Kingsport to St. Lucie in the Gulf Coast League to help out with their playoff race. That was this past Sunday (August 8) and then this Thursday (August 12) I was told I would be coming to Brooklyn. My pitching coach at the GCL told me I would be moving again and I was hoping it would be to Brooklyn, and that was the case and when I found that out I just couldn't wait to get here.

NYF: Did the Mets give you a reason on why they promoted you?
Chuck Smith: Nope didn't give me a reason. I guess they needed an arm out of the pen for relief so I got the call.

NYF: Give us a little scouting report on yourself?
Chuck Smith: I am a fastball, curveball, changeup pitcher. I am currently working to develop a slider but those are my main three pitches. I like all three of those and constantly mix them up to keep hitters off balance.

NYF: I noticed you featured a hard moving fastball. It is in the lower 90's correct?
Chuck Smith: Yup my fastball is in the 91-92 range.

NYF: Compare the hitters in Rookie League and the Gulf Coast League to the hitters you faced in college?
Chuck Smith: Well I pretty much compare the hitters I faced in college to the hitters I faced at the GCL. Then at Kingsport the hitters were a little more advanced and you had to begin focusing a little more to pitch successfully. Obviously these hitters here in Brooklyn will be more advanced than the Kingsport hitters, you really have to work inside here to be successful.

NYF: Talk about your college experience a little?
Chuck Smith: I played two years at Berry College in Rome, Georgia (an NAIA school) I spent two years at Berry College and played two years before that at a Junior College in Alabama.

NYF: Do you prefer starting or relieving?
Chuck Smith: " I have been used as a reliever and a starter, but I really don't have a preference. I just enjoy pitching so any spot a team wants me I would be do it. As long as I am in the game pitching I am very happy.

NYF: Were you always a pitcher?
Chuck Smith: Yes, my whole life.

NYF: Is there someone you credit mostly for your development as a pitcher?
Chuck Smith: There are lots of people I have worked with my whole life and each one of those people have contributed something along the way. My pitching coach in Berry College really helped my mechanics out, and that was the biggest step in my development.

NYF: Signed as a non-drafted free agent this year. Are you disappointed you didn't get drafted?
Chuck Smith: Yea, I was disappointed that I didn't get drafted. Scouts said there would be a pretty good chance I would get drafted, however after the draft the scouts always kept in touch with me so I knew professional baseball would be my path.

NYF: Why did you choose to sign with the Mets?
Chuck Smith: Berry College has had a good relationship with the Mets. About five or six guys have come out of Berry and signed with the Mets so I felt pretty comfortable with the Mets myself.

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