Q&A with Matt Fisher

Heading into the final month of the season the Cyclones found themselves in an offensive struggle to score runs. Matt Fisher, the 2004 33rd round pick was called up from the Gulf Coast League and he certainly provided a spark scoring 9 runs in his first 10 games and showing some power with two home runs, four doubles and a triple. Fisher recently sat down with NYFansonly. Find out about Matt's college experience, how his transition to professional baseball has been.

NYF: A 33rd round pick in this years draft. Did you expect the Mets to draft you?
Matt Fisher: I didn't know what round or what team would draft me. What I did know was if I was going to be drafted it was going to be in the later round, just because I was a senior and not being a very physical round.

NYF: You began your college career at Oklahoma, but transferred to UC Irvine. Why the move?
Matt Fisher: I just wanted to go back home and play. I think the way my game is, it suited me better to go back home at UC-Irvine and looking back at it I think I made a wise choice going back.

NYF: Did the Mets give you a reason for starting you at the Gulf Coast League and not Kingsport or Brooklyn?
Matt Fisher: I think the Mets just didn't know a lot about me, and they just wanted to see what I could do. I'm not holding any sort of grudge against them or anything like that. I mean I was a 33rd pick so they can put me wherever they want to.

NYF: Were you surprised you got the call-up to Brooklyn?
Matt Fisher: Well I was hearing some talk while I was down there about a possible promotion but the day it was happened I was very surprised because I was still early in a rehab process coming back from a concussion I suffered in a car accident.

NYF: What are some of the differences between the pitching in the two leagues?
Matt Fisher: There are good pitchers in the GCL but right here you just need the consistency more. In the GCL it could be that you face a real good pitcher and then it could be couple of days before you face another good one. Here you see that solid pitcher each day.

NYF: Where does this power surge you have shown come from? (Note: Fisher is 5'8 190)
Matt Fisher: I don't know exactly how the power comes from, the pitchers supply most of it anyway. I just think I hit the ball right and if I do that the rest will take care of themselves. My job is just to try and get on base, and that is my focus

NYF: Was there a certain point in your career that you felt professional baseball would be your path?
Matt Fisher: I have always wanted to do it, I just think there would questions if I would do it or not. I think in the middle of this year it was becoming more of a reality and I really felt that would be my path.

NYF: How has the transition from college to pro ball been for you?
Matt Fisher: It is a different atmosphere because you are doing it every day, especially now we are entering the end of the season and you can feel the importance of every game. I guess you can compare it to a big college series that you play once a week, but now it's everyday. The fans have also been a different experience for me

NYF: What is it like coming to a brand new team, new clubhouse, new coaches, new city, etc…
Matt Fisher: Well you definitely don't want to step on anyone's toes. I heard so much about how close this team was when I got here and you just want to fit it. I think in a few days of just being here I saw that closeness of this team. You just want to get to know guys. Everyone is new and wants to meet people. Pretty much, unless you played with that person in college every face is new to you, so it's the same experience for everyone. Everyone is pretty outgoing and friendly to greet you and make you feel welcome.

NYF: What part of your game do you work on the hardest?
Matt Fisher: In the off-season, I definitely work on my speed and strength the most, especially with me being this size, I need to be stronger than the other guys, because that is how I will keep up with them. In the regular season I work on the little things. My defense is a pretty strong part of my game, and I just always look for ways to get on base.

NYF: How has the atmosphere in the clubhouse been? Especially recently when the team was struggling for wins?
Matt Fisher: There is not a whole lot difference from when I got here. Guys understand that right now you have to bear down and get it done. There is nobody here really pressing. In the clubhouse and before the game you just try to stay relaxed but once the game begins it is all down to work, and getting the job done.

NYF: In your short time at the GCL, what player impressed you the most?
Matt Fisher: I would have to say Nick Evans and Mike Carp, both drafted in the early rounds of this years draft. Both are young HS guys, both have real good power and project to be good corner infielders. I think they are definitely good players and will just continue to get better.

NYF: Give us a little scouting report about your defensive game?
Matt Fisher: I'd say I am very intense when the game is going on. I try to be a step ahead of each situation. I am just trying to do the things that are asked of me, and sometimes try to do the things that are not asked, the things people don't expect me to do, and come up with that great play

NYF: If there is one thing you want Met fans to know about you, what would that be?
Matt Fisher: That every time I am out on the field there is nothing that I would not try to do for this team. I just leave it all out on the field and have no complaints.

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