Q&A with Mike Swindell

Cyclones' RHP Mike Swindell gives his thoughts on what it was like playing for the University of Oklahoma, what it was like on draft day, what has been his biggest moment in baseball, what has been the biggest lesson he's learned, what he thinks of the Cyclones chances in the playoffs, and a whole lot more.

NYF: Bring us back to draft this year and your thoughts and experience on that day?

Mike Swindell: I was real excited that somebody acknowledged my efforts and gave me a chance to play professional baseball. I was just real happy with the Mets selecting me and giving me this chance.

NYF: Did you expect the Mets to draft you?

Mike Swindell: I didn't really have a preference. I just wanted to be drafted by anybody.

NYF: You have kept hitters off balance with your breaking pitches this year. Can you talk a little about them?

Mike Swindell: Well I have two different types of curveballs that I throw. One is more of a slurve type pitch, which is a little harder, than my actual curveball. That pitch I started throwing when I was twelve years old, and I just kept working on it. I also throw a normal 12-6 curveball. I was talking to my Dad last year and told him I needed a different pitch and he was the one that really showed me it, and I really worked hard on it last summer. I think it really has progressed since that point.

(Note: Hector Berrios has worked with Mike Swindell this year on making his "slurve" act more like a true slider than a curveball)

NYF: So your father was a baseball player?

Mike Swindell: Yes he played baseball.

NYF: Did he play in the minor leagues?

Mike Swindell: No never played in the minors.

NYF: What has been the toughest part of Minor League Baseball so far?

Mike Swindell: Just having to get used to playing and throwing everyday. You need to get more rest than usual and just need to try to keep your body healthy to get max performance every time.

NYF: You played college baseball at Oklahoma University. How was the experience playing baseball in a school that its athletics are dominated by basketball and football?

Mike Swindell: It was just awesome. We played some real good teams, some very good programs, and in some really nice looking ballparks. It was a great experience, and some good baseball. I got to face some real good talent, and it was a positive experience to see how I fared against that type of talent. Overall it was just lots of fun.

NYF: What has been the biggest lesson you have learned since entering professional baseball?

Mike Swindell: I think just learning the game. Learning what it takes to be a pitcher, just the different aspects of the game. Just learning how to pitch effectively in each count, and the minor tricks in getting hitters out.

NYF: What has been the biggest baseball moment for you?

Mike Swindell: It has to be my start this year against the New Jersey Cardinals.

NYF: Doesn't get much better than one hit in eight innings right?

Mike Swindell: (Cracking a smile) Nope.

NYF: Did you have a favorite pitcher growing up, or a pitcher you modeled yourself after?

Mike Swindell: That has to be Nolan Ryan.

NYF: One thing you want Mets fans to know about you…

Mike Swindell: That when I go out on the field I make sure to give my best effort each time.

NYF: What are your plans for the off-season? Will you be attending Instructional League?

Mike Swindell: Actually I will be going back to Oklahoma University to finish up school.

NYF: You begin the playoffs on Monday. Your thoughts on the upcoming playoff series?

Mike Swindell: I think we have a real good chance to bring the championship back to Brooklyn.

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