Final Binghamton Scouting Report

Dan, who covered the Binghamton Mets for this season, gives his final thoughts on the players with a brief scouting report on the B-Mets players. There is no substitute for watching the players on a daily basis and Dan was around the players and coaches all season. See what Dan thinks of each of the B-Mets players in this final team evaluation for 2004.

C: Joe Hietpas: He was called up for the last half of the season. He played in only 43 games hitting a measly .230. I didn't get to see much of him and the little I did see was unimpressive. He hit relatively well with runners on base but his strikeout to walk ratio leaves a lot to be desired. He made 6 errors in 43 games which is a lot for a catcher and his throwing arm is not outstanding. He will probably be in Binghamton again next year but his job as a starter is not guaranteed.

1B: Brett Harper: Had a great year in St. Lucie and started off well in Binghamton. He struggled mightily at the end of the season and his avg. dropped to .247. He strikes out way too often and clearly presses at the plate. He wears his emotions on his sleeve which is not altogether a bad thing for a player. He will improve with time and maturity and as he learns to channel his emotions he will be able to use that power and passion at the batters box. He has good power and he is built like a truck. He led the team in Slugging percentage (.437) and had 7 home runs in fewer than 200 at bats. His fielding is a work in progress but it is clear that he will make a better than average first baseman. As he grows a little more and learns some patience at the plate he could develop into a real power hitter. Much of his future in the organization depends on the success of Craig Brazell. However, his progress may be too much for anyone to ignore. I would not be surprised to see him in the majors by 2006 or 2007.

1B: Josh Pressley: One of only two B-Mets to have a strong finish. He ended the season batting an even .300 and led the team in doubles. His problem is he has no power. A guy his size and playing 1B has to hit more than 3 home runs and dive in more than 62 RBI's. If he ever learns to drive the ball, he could be a solid ball player. His patience has made tremendous progress but he has some bad habits at the plate that need to be worked through before he can move up the organizational ladder.

2B: Chase Lambin: Lambin made 24 errors and struck out 103 times in only 121 games. He batted just .247 on the season and never really established himself as a threatening hitter or as a starting second baseman. He did lead the team in home runs with 10. Most of the B-Mets management still think he has a lot of potential but he is already 25 years old and if he doesn't produce quickly he won't be around much longer.

SS: Gil Velazquez: Velazquez is a solid defensive shortstop. He has good range and gets rid of the ball quickly. He struggled at the end of the season which led to a .240 batting avg. He needs to learn patience and pitch recognition. He swings at a lot of balls out of the strike zone. (94 K).

3B: Aarom Baldiris: Probably has the most potential of any B-Met hitter. He is young, athletic, and can play three infield positions. He hit .364 in Brooklyn, .313 in Cap City, and .304 in St. Lucie. He struggled when he got to AA. He hit only .235. He has very little power but that will probably develop as he grows into his body. He hit .180 at home and .370 on the road so he may just be putting a little too much pressure on himself and working too hard at home, much the same way David Wright did at the end of last year. He has a sweet sing and is able to hit to all fields. He should only get better and could be in the Majors before he is 24.

LF: Angel Pagan: Plays three outfield positions well. He has great speed (29 SB) and a quick bat. Hit .321 in 7 games with Norfolk this year. Hits well from both sides of the plate and is a fantastic bunter. Few in the organization work harder than Pagan. He is a great table setter and has really begun to master the hit and run. With Lydon hitting infront of him he had plenty of opportunity to practice. He will probably be in Norfolk next year and could be in the majors by 2006.

CF: Wayne Lydon: The fastest player in the entire Mets organization. He would have broken the franchise stolen base record had he not gotten injured and missed the last two weeks of the season. He is still learning to hit from the left side of the plate. He hit .265 as a lefty this year so he is coming along. He hit .270 for the season but .354 when he put the ball in play. Because of his speed he could be called up at any time and be used the same way the Mets used Esix Snead or Jason Tyner. I would not be surprised to see him in the majors next year.

RF: Ron Acuna: Had the best second half of any BMet. He finished the season batting .300. He has one of the strongest and most accurate arms in the league. Has descent speed but like several other B-Mets he strikes out too much. If he continues to improve he could find himself in Norfolk by the end of next year.

IF: Chris Basak: Basak is a great guy to have on your team. He plays several positions, has good speed, soft hands, and makes smart decisions on the base paths. He has some pop in his bat as he led the team in slugging percentage. (.458) Basak will probably be one of those guys who shifts back and forth between the Majors and Norfolk depending on who is injured and which hole needs to be plugged.

SP: Brian Bannister: Was called up after the trade deadline and won his AA debut on 8/1. Son of Floyd Bannister. He has good movement on his fastball and should be at the front end of the 2005 Binghamton rotation.

RP: P.J. Bevis: He ended the season as the B-Mets closer. He finished 25 of the 27 games he appeared in posting an impressive 3.06 ERA. He has very good control of three of his pitches. He walked only 8 and struck out 32 in 32 innings. His fastball is lively and his slider can be very deceptive. He is a hard thrower that will probably be in Norfolk by next year and may even see some big league action by 2006.

SP: Ken Chenard: Chenard is a long reliever that the Mets had to convert to a starter because of injuries and trades. Chenard flourished in that role and tied for the team lead in wins (9). He averaged 1 K/IP and struck out 3 times as many as he walked. He does not have any outstanding pitches but his consistency and command serve him very well in AA. His ability to pitch with runners in scoring position is still in question especially because he tends to throw a lot of pitches in the dirt. He threw 15 wild pitches in only 123 innings.

RP: Jake Joseph: He was one of the most consistent players out of the Binghamton bullpen. He went 6-0 with an ERA under 3.4. His biggest problem is his lack of an out pitch even on a AA level. He doesn't strike out many people and as a result must rely heavily on his control.

RP: Tim Lavigne: He posted the highest ERA of any Binghamton pitcher. (5.70) His size put him at a tremendous disadvantage. It will also make him susceptible to questions of breaking down at the end of the season. In September he pitched 4.2 innings and gave up 6 runs. He pitched very well in 2003, but seemed to fall apart this year. I'm sure he will get another chance in 2005 but it may be his last chance. He's a little erratic but when he settles he can be effective.

RP: Micah Mangrum: Finished the season on a very strong note and probably saved himself a job. He has excellent control of his pitches and a better than average breaking ball which he uses as a very effective out pitch.

SP: Neal Musser: Easily has the most potential of any B-Mets starter outside of Petit. Won nine games before he was sent up to Norfolk in mid July. He pitched well in Norfolk and deserved to stay but was sent back to fill a spot more than anything else. Came back and could have easily won three more games had the Mets bats not gone quiet. His fastball tops out in the low 90's which isn't outstanding but he has a great curveball and a very deceptive change. He should start in Norfolk next year.

SP: Yusmeiro Petit: He was called up at the end of August and pitched very well in his three starts. He throws very hard and hitters seem genuinely confused when they face him. Because of his age, it is hard to tell how fast his stock will rise. He will start at Binghamton next year but if he is as good as everyone predicts he could be in Norfolk and even at Shea by the end of the year.

RP: Royce Ring: Originally the Mets were grooming him to be the closer of the future but now it seems they have designated him for the setup role. He has a good fastball that can reach 95 or 96 MPH. His curveball is effective but his changeup will aid him the most as it continues to improve and lets him set up his fastball. His command will improve with maturity and he has a very good chance of making the majors by 2006.

SP: Jason Scobie: Scobie was the most surprising pitcher for the B-Mets. He led the team in ERA posting an impressive 2.82. He was only 5-5 but he could have easily had 4 or 5 more wins had the bats and bullpen not let him down. He possesses great control of both his slider and his curveball and he displays a tremendous amount of maturity and poise on the mound. Though he was an effective starter in Binghamton this year, it s more likely that he will be turned in to a long reliever or spot starter. He may see major league action by 2006 or even at the end of 2005.

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