Roundup: Second time for Jaramillo?

Rudy Jaramillo is mentioned as a candidate for a second interview at Shea Stadium and Omar Minaya prepares to head to Boston, in Friday's Mets roundup:

The Mets' interview process with Willie Randolph may be on hold until Monday, the end result of the Yankees' draining ALCS loss to the Red Sox, but Randolph's appearance may be anything but a slam dunk.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Mets have been whispering about inviting Rangers hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo back to Shea Stadium for a second interview.

Jaramillo, who has said that he's not interested in taking any role with the Mets other than that of manager, interviewed with the Mets last week and reportedly impressed executives.

He is a favorite of GM Omar Minaya dating back to when both collected paychecks from the Rangers, although many in the New York media have given Randolph an automatic leg up in the interview process just based on his Yankees pedigree and name recognition in the city.

Bobby Valentine still remains out there as a potential candidate, although Valentine has returned to Japan and will not be available to interview for the next one to two weeks. That doesn't necessarily exclude Valentine, as all teams are discouraged from naming new managers and associated personnel until after the World Series anyway.

Terry Collins and Carlos Tosca, remnants of Mets interviews past, aren't considered serious contenders for the position.

Minaya at Fenway

According to the New York Daily News, Minaya will be on hand at Fenway Park Saturday when the Red Sox open the World Series with the Cardinals.

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