Lydon Making Adjustments in Arizona

The Mets in the Arizona Fall League are working, and for Wayne Lydon, the work is tough.<br> <br> "There are a lot of adjustments down here," Lydon said Monday as he shagged at Hohokam Park in Mesa. "I'm getting more time in center field, just staying down and getting better jumps."

"I'm trying to soak it all in. There's so many players down here and so much happening, with me and with the other guys I know down here, we're all just trying to settle down and play."

Numbers are big, especially in baseball, but Lydon knows that down here numbers can be overrated. "I'm working on a lot of things, making changes and trying to adjust, so sometimes you're just not as comfortable as you'd like to be." Lydon's number's in the AFL haven't been spectacular, but he doesn't use the adjustments as an excuse. "No, you have to produce if you want to move up. I know there's an opportunity with the big league club in center field. If I want a shot at that spot, I have to produce. That's why I'm making the adjustments."

What adjustments in particular?

"Especially from the left side I'm trying to shorten my swing a little, just put the ball in play more. I've been working a lot with [Peoria Saguaros Manager] Russell Pevey on that, and it is going to bring results." Still Lydon's numbers are down, does it worry him? "I can't worry. I've got a shot to make the big league club, what I'm doing down here is closing up any weaknesses now, so that if I get that call I can produce on the big league level. That's what it is all about. I understand the big picture. It isn't about what you do here, its about what you do at the next level. Of course good numbers are nice, because its good for your stock, but the coaches down here are working with me, I'm working hard, and I think everyone understands that I'm trying to put things together to get better."

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