Final 2004 Scouting Report: 3B, Grant Psomas

The New York Mets selected Grant Psomas in the 15th round of the 2004 draft out of West Virginia University. Originally drafted as a shortstop, the Mets moved Psomas over to third base to man the hot corner for the Brooklyn Cyclones. Here's a scouting report on Grant Psomas.

Vital Statistics:
Name: Grant Psomas
Position: Third Base
DOB: December 9, 1984
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 195
Bats: Right
Throws: Right

Playing shortstop for the West Virginia Moutaineers in 2004, Psomas hit .343 with 9 home runs and led the team in assists with 155. WVU Coach Greg Van Zant raved about the athletic ability of his former shortstop. "He is very athletic, and can play any position on the field", Coach Van Zant told "There is no doubt in my mind that he can play third base." And after the Mets drafted Ryan Coultas, the Mets did exactly that and moved Psomas over to third base to take advantage of his power.

Brooklyn Cyclones manager Tony Tijerina said the move to third was made because the Mets felt Psomas looked better as a third baseman, especially with his power potential. "Grant we feel profiles better as a third baseman. He has the potential to put up big power numbers, and a corner position like third suits him better." So while the Mets felt Psomas would be served better at third base, Psomas' college coach concurred. Said Van Zant, ""Grant has lots of power, he hits the ball a long way. He has as much power as any college hitter I have seen this year. At our field the distance is 325 down the line and 370 in the gap. We also have 100 foot high light beams by the left center and right center field, and Grant has hit the top of those poles many times. He certainly has the potential to hit the ball over 450 feet."

Psomas backed up his coaches' praise with excellent defense at third base for the Cyclones and displayed good gap power at the plate. Despite hitting just .233 in his first taste of professional baseball, Psomas showed good patience at the plate. Grant Psomas was the only positional player drafted by the Mets in 2004 to be in the Cyclones Opening Day lineup and set a Cyclones' record for games played at third base with 61 games. How did Grant feel about switching positions? "I never played third before, but I am making the adjustment pretty well and just hope to keep on progressing" Psomas said. When asked to compare the two positions, Psomas went on to say: "Just that you don't have much reaction time at third, ball gets on you quicker. The biggest difference is just getting to know how to handle the position and how the ball will come on to you."



























* Stats as of 10/1/04

Batting and Power. Psomas is a much better hitter than his .233 batting average for the Cyclones indicates. He is extremely patient at the plate and tied for the team lead in walks despite being a rookie. Psomas also has much more power than his home run total shows and has the chance to be a decent power hitter for the Mets. He's has the selectivity and power to hit .290 with 20+ home runs each year.

Base Running and Speed. Psomas is quicker than most third baseman and has the ability to steal some bases. He's a smart base runner and will catch fielders napping at times if they don't pay attention to him.

Defense. Psomas is very athletic and has the ability to play any of the infield positions. He has a strong arm and makes accurate throws to first base. Psomas has soft hands and makes a lot of plays others can not. Defense is certainly his strong suit.

Projection. It is a little premature to project Psomas' development at this time. There's talk among some Mets' officials that Psomas could eventually be switched over to second base where he would be an even better prospect with his power. He has the athletic ability to handle anything that comes his way. He's a prospect "sleeper" at this point.

ETA. N/A. Psomas' timetable will certainly be dictated by which position he settles in playing. If he does move over to second base, Psomas could rise through the system a lot quicker than if he remains at third base. Psomas should be in low-A ball in Hagerstown next season and from there a better ETA can be established.

Third Basemen

2004 Team

Rodney Nye

AAA - Norfolk Tides

Chris Basak AA - Binghamton Mets
Aarom Baldiris A - St. Lucie Mets
Jay Caligiuri A - St. Lucie Mets
Shawn Bowman A - Capital City Bombers
Grant Psomas A - Brooklyn Cyclones
Travis Garcia R - Kingsport Mets
Nick Evans R - GCL Mets


Even with David Wright making it all the way to Shea Stadium, the Mets have some good third base prospects, especially at the lower levels. Shawn Bowman leads the pack and could eventually force the Mets to move David Wright to another position down the road. Nick Evans look like good power hitting third basemen that has a chance to be a special prospect down the road. Here's a rundown of the Mets' third base prospects:

1) Rodney Nye - After being the Mets' 7th round pick in the '99 draft, Nye just completed his sixth minor league season with the Mets. It's not clear whether or not he'll be back with the Mets in 2005. Nye's been a solid minor leaguer but does not fit in the Mets' plans.

2) Chris Basak - Originally drafted as a shortstop, Basak had the unenviable task of replacing David Wright at third base in Binghamton after Wright was promoted to Norfolk this past season. Basak is a solid player that can play 3B, SS, and 2B. He could prove to be a very useful utility player for the Mets.

3) Aarom Baldiris - Baldiris is an excellent contact hitter but does not provide the power needed from a power hitting position. With Wright locked in at third base and with Shawn Bowman on the horizon, Baldiris needs a new position. He could make a move to second base to get his bat into the lineup and give the Mets a decent second base prospect.

4) Jay Caligiuri - Originally drafted as a third baseman, Caligiuri has played some first base as well. If Baldiris does move to second base next season, chances are Caligiuri will be the everyday 3B for Binghamton. He's got good power potential and a good eye at the plate. He could become good trade bait at some point.

5) Shawn Bowman - A defensive wizard at third base, Bowman has the talent to be as productive as David Wright someday. He has excellent power projection and is only going to get better as he matures. He's the top 3B prospect in the Mets' system and one of the best third base prospects in all of baseball.

6) Grant Psomas - Like Bowman, Psomas was drafted as a shortstop and immediately moved to third base to begin his professional career. Psomas has intriguing power but will have to hit his way through the system to make some noise as a prospect.

7) Travis Garcia - Drafted in the 21st round of the 2003 draft out of Iona College, Garcia has decent power and a good eye at the plate. Like Psomas, Garcia's a little old for his level and is going to have to produce at the higher levels to be considered a legit prospect.

8) Nick Evans - Drafted in the 5th round of the 2004 draft out of high school, Evans has the chance to be a very special prospect in the Mets' farm system. He has big time power potential but needs some work defensively. He's the Mets' second best third base prospect behind Bowman, but has the potential to make a name for himself in a couple of years.

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