Offseason Q&A with Shawn Bowman

Capital City Bombers' 3B Shawn Bowman sits down with for a Q&A session to talk about how he felt about his 2004 season, what he's working on in the offseason, what his specific goals are for the 2005 season, which players he has been impressed with the most thus far, and a whole lot more!

NYF: How do you feel about the season you had this past year for Capital City?

Shawn Bowman: Overall, I'm very happy with the year I had. All the guys on the team were real close and it is better to play with guys you know. I am happy with the way I played, although I would have like to have hit better than I did.

NYF: It was your first taste of long-season baseball. What was the hardest adjustment you had to make?

Bowman: Really, it was the grind on you day by day. Even though we love playing baseball, and anybody would trade places with us, it's a little tough on you mentally and physically to give it your best every day. Of course, it's a lot easier when you're playing a great group of guys like we had this past season.

NYF: How are you preparing yourself this offseason to get ready for your 2005 season?

Bowman: Right now I'm hitting the gym about six or seven days a week, trying to get bigger and stronger for next season. I try all the workouts I pick up from the different fitness magazines and combine that with the workout the Mets want me to do, just trying to figure out what the best workouts are for me. I am jogging about three times a week and I'm hitting off a tee. I'll be heading down to Florida in January to work on my speed training and agility.

NYF: Have the Mets indicated where you'll be playing next season?

Bowman: No, and yes. I mean, they've hinted I'll be in St. Lucie next season but I try not to worry myself about where I'll be playing. My goals remain the same no matter where I'm playing. I just want to get more consistent. I go out there with the goal of getting one hit each day. If I don't get one, the next day I'm looking to make up for it by getting two hits.

NYF: A lot of scouts around baseball rave about your defense at third base. One scout even told us that you remind him of a young Brooks Robinson. How does it make you feel when people talk about you in such high regard?

Bowman: Well it's an honor for sure. Of course it is always nice to hear good things about you and it is unbelievable to be mentioned in the same sentence as Brooks Robinson. I've always taken pride in my defense. It hasn't been easy to work on my defense during the offseason, living up here (Canada). I have limited defensive work in the offseason and really pick up my work during Spring Training. The one thing I will say is that I do not take my defense for granted. I work really hard to improve in all areas.

NYF: Do you give yourself specific goals offensively? I mean, do you go into a season and say I want to hit X number of homeruns?

Bowman: I do. I try not to make it a numbers game and just try to maintain consistency. I figure it will take care of itself if the consistency and comfort level are there. That said, I'd be lying if I didn't say I had certain numbers I was trying to reach. I set out with the goal to hit 20 home runs this past season and I missed it by one (laughing). My goal for next season is to hit at least .280, hit over 20 homeruns, and have over 80 RBI.

NYF: Which of your fellow teammates were you most impressed with and which do you feel have the highest upside, among the positional players?

Bowman: Bladergroen for sure. I have never seen a person that just "does it". If he's sick, not sick, if he's hot, or not hot, he just goes out there and does it everyday. I'd also have to say Andy Wilson. He's one of the most determined guys I've ever met. He hasn't had the most fortunate of circumstances, but he'll make it to the Big Leagues one day for sure. If he's real determined to get a hit, he'll get one.

NYF: If you had to compare Bladergroen to a Major Leaguer, who would it be and why?

Bowman: That's easy. Todd Helton. "Blade" is thicker than Helton but boy, they can both absolutely hit a baseball for sure.

NYF: What about Andrew Wilson?

Bowman: I'd actually have to say Mike Schmidt because they both don't care what anybody says or what they're doing. They just go out there and prove everyone wrong.

NYF: Of the Mets' pitching prospects you've been around, who impresses you the most and who does he compare to at the Major League level?

Bowman: (Yusmeiro) Petit, absolutely. He's a Big League pitcher for sure. He throws his pitches when he wants to, where he wants to. He'll throw it where you least expect it. He's a gamer. He's there to get you out and most likely will. As far as a comparison, I'd have to say Greg Maddux. I mean, they don't look anything alike (laughing), but they both don't throw very hard but yet they get people out. Actually, I bet Petit's fastball may be better than Maddux's.

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