Look out. The chips are about to tumble, and they're coming harder than expected. ">
Look out. The chips are about to tumble, and they're coming harder than expected. ">

Is Richie Sexson or Matt Lawton Heading to Shea?

ANAHEIM - Omar Minaya has characterized the Winter Meetings in recent weeks as a "domino effect" – basically, whichever team blinks first sets the others in motion.<br> <br> Look out. The chips are about to tumble, and they're coming harder than expected.

Yesterday, infielder Troy Glaus inked a reported four-year, $45 million deal with the Arizona Diamondbacks, a deal that could wind up having an adverse effect on the Mets' winter needs.

Just as the Mets were criticized for giving $22.5 million to righthander Kris Benson earlier this winter, the Diamondbacks' overspending on Glaus – a perennial stud player who played just 58 games in 2004 – could artificially inflate the market for corner infielders, especially ones who missed significant time due to injury.

Now that Glaus has cashed in big, who's to say that Richie Sexson – one of Minaya's many targets this winter – can't cash in even more than the reported $10 million he's pursuing? Sexson and agent Casey Close are in town, reportedly staying down the block at a hotel adjacent to the Marriott, and he may wind up being the biggest beneficiary of yesterday's Glaus signing, regardless of what Glaus ever does for Arizona.

Industry sources told Scout.com late last night that they expect Sexson to sign somewhere by the end of the Winter Meetings, although it remained to be seen if the Mets would emerge as the victor in those sweepstakes.

The Mets appear to have somewhat less interest in Carlos Delgado, though Delgado is considered by some to be the more dangerous offensive player.

It is believed that the anti-'God Bless America' protest launched by the former Toronto Blue Jays first baseman has planted a seed in the Mets' minds that the slugger wouldn't be a popular choice to play in New York, a city affected by the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Mets Notes

  • A source familiar with the Mets' thinking told Scout.com last night that the team has shown mild interest in trading for outfielder Matt Lawton, who played for the team briefly in 2001.

    The Mets cut ties with right fielder Richard Hidalgo last week, but were pursuing him on the notion that he could play either left field or right field.

    The 33-year-old Lawton, who hit .277 with 20 homers and 70 RBI for the Cleveland Indians this year, fits the same mold, although Lawton told Scout.com this year that he did not enjoy his brief time in New York.

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