Q&A with Omar Minaya

ANAHEIM -- In his first media session of baseball's Winter Meetings, Mets GM Omar Minaya sat down with the New York press and discussed Pedro Martinez, other starting pitching and his approach toward the weekend (Part 1 of 2):

We just got in today, but we have a list of clubs that we're going be meeting with. Some teams are getting in today, and some teams were getting in yesterday. I will probably be busy having conversations with clubs (the rest of Friday). I know during the GM's meetings, I was a little more liberal with the information, with the clubs and agents we were meeting with, but now it's getting to be a little more competitive environment because clubs are having dialogues and discussions going on.

There was a report today that Pedro Martinez is close to signing with the Boston Red Sox. Do you still hope to get something done with Pedro?

Do we hope to? Yeah. I think it's fair to say we've had conversations with his agent (Fernando Cuza) and as far as I know, he hasn't signed. Until that time, he's one of those options that's available out there to us. I have not been told that (he has signed). I just don't go by reports. I can only go by what agents tell me, and as far as I know it's not done.

When was the last time you talked to Cuza?

Friday. I talked to him. I did speak to him before we came out here.

Are you less confident that something will get done with Martinez now?

I don't even think about that. It's not confidence. I don't see it like that. I see it as a period where we're having discussions with clubs and agents. I've been around long enough to know that you never feel confident in any negotiation. They come to fruition, but when they do that, who knows? Two years ago, I was here with the Expos and during these winter meetings, you hope get things done. When clubs come together, the probability of getting things done is higher. But our team's not going to be put together in the next 48 hours, I'll tell you that.

Are you surprised at some of the contracts that have gone out already this weekend to guys like Troy Glaus?

I think you [have to] look at last year's attendance growth. All those things kind of put more money in the market, and some teams are spending a little more than they have in the past.

Are you confident you'll be able to add a pitcher of Al Leiter's caliber by the time spring training rolls around?

When we decided to look around and not sign Al, I still feel comfortable if we have to go with Jae Seo as our fifth starter or any of those guys. We're in transition too. We're not only thinking one year, we're also thinking two or three. We can easily go with Jae Seo and those guys, or we can trade for one.

Have you put all of your energy lately into pursuing Pedro?

I'd like to think we're not putting our energy into one guy. We're putting energy into a lot of different plans, different scenarios. It's not going to be about one guy.

Are you worried about adding older guys if you're in the midst of a transition, as you say?

The thing about older guys is that you've got to remember, when you have such young players, you need older players to teach the young players. When I came from Montreal, we had such a young team that we got hurt [because] our bench was so young. If you're going to have a young team, I believe you have to get a couple of older guys to teach the young guys how to play the game.

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