No Pavano for the Mets

ANAHEIM – The Mets' pursuit of Carl Pavano ended before it even began.<br> <br> The Mets are now officially out of the running for the 28-year-old righthander's services, having never officially contacted agent Scott Shapiro to relay any sort of interest.

Shapiro said Friday that Pavano – who was 18-8 this season for the Florida Marlins – will make his final determination from a list of five clubs, each of which have offered him a four-year deal: the Red Sox, Yankees, Tigers, Mariners and Orioles.

"I don't think he's going to widen the field at this time," Shapiro said.

In recent weeks, most of Minaya's attention has been focused on a different free agent righthander, Pedro Martinez. But on Friday, it appeared that Martinez was closer to re-joining the Red Sox than agreeing with the Mets, especially with rumors of a three-year, $40 million offer from Boston beginning to circulate.

For his part, Minaya did not fret when quizzed about Martinez's possible rejection. The Mets do have a backup plan in the event their offer isn't taken, although he obviously would not go into specifics.

"We are putting a lot of energy into a lot of different plans," Minaya said. "We have different scenarios. There are different ways of putting this club together. It's not going to be just about one guy."

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