Part II of Omar Minaya Q&A

Mets GM Omar Minaya answered questions on his first day at the MLB Winter Meetings in Anaheim (Part 2 of 2):

How would you characterize the market for outfielders, with guys like Magglio Ordonez, J.D. Drew and possibly Sammy Sosa out there? Do you feel like you have significant options to improve your outfield?

To improve it? Yeah, there's options to improve it. The question is, how do we invest our money? It's a combination of what we want to do in 2005 and how it fits for 2006 and 2007. Like I said before, we are in transition. It's a matter of how we can get to put a championship team on the field, not just for one year but for many years.

Do you have a personal relationship with Pedro Martinez?

I don't know Pedro that well. I know him, but it's not like we ever bonded. It's not like there's a friendship involved. I admire him as a competitor, he's a fun guy to watch, but I don't have that bond with Pedro.

You traded for Cliff Floyd once and then traded him. What's your opinion of him?

Cliff is our left fielder right now. He's our left fielder right now. You look at Cliff's history and the injuries are there, but when he's hot, he can really carry a club.

Could you see Floyd playing right field?

Can he play right field? Possibly. I don't know. But if you put him out there, your coaches will really have to work with him on that. I'm not big on putting guys in new positions (they've) never played before.

How long do you intend to wait on Pedro?

In most situations when you're negotiating, ideally you want to have an answer. You want to know that you have that plan in place to go forward, otherwise you go to the next option. I always say that the sooner we find out, the better. That way, you find out if you're in it or not in it, and go to the other (option).

Will there be a workout this weekend for Magglio Ordonez?

Somebody said that, but I have not heard anything about that. Usually the agent will send a FAX or something like that, but I have not seen anything about it. I have not seen anything formal yet. I know at the GM meetings, his agent talked about having some kind of workout, but I haven't seen anything.

Do you plan to change anything in your infield other than a first baseman?

No, I think right now we're looking at [David] Wright at third base, [Jose] Reyes at shortstop and [Kaz] Matsui at second base. That's the way it is right now and I expect it to be that way all the way up to Opening Day.

Would you rather have a strong defensive first baseman or a power hitter?

We bounced that idea. The ideal guy would be a strong defensive first baseman who can give us offense. The guy may not be there and if he is there, [consider] the cost.

I'm big on defense. We're a young infield. I'm big on that and I think we can do that, but sometimes it's hard to run away from a big time bat unless the guy is a real bad defensive first baseman. I think it would be tough having a real bad defensive first baseman with all those young guys.

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