Minaya: Mets Not Close On Anything

<b>ANAHEIM –</b> Things have been slow to materialize this weekend for Mets GM Omar Minaya, who admitted Saturday that his team is not close to pulling the trigger on any deal.

"I don't want to give you false hope we're close on anything," Minaya said. "That being said, things can turn around pretty quick."

As one newspaper reporter noted, there has been no new knowledge from when the Mets and their media entourage left New York 3,000 miles away.

Minaya said that he had spent most of Saturday meeting with agents and getting "a better feel" for what certain players were looking for, but nothing had progressed to the point where the Mets were on the verge of making a move.

"I think we've moved forward in discussions to a domino effect that's going to happen," Minaya said. "I hope something gets done before (the meetings end on) Monday, but you don't know."

As usual, Minaya was secretive when discussing exactly which representatives he'd been speaking with, but it is believed that he met with the agent for Pedro Martinez, Fern Cuza, on Saturday. In addition, the agent for Richie Sexson, Casey Close, told reporters that he'd spoken with Minaya recently (after some prodding, Minaya said he'd spoken with Close via telephone).

The danger in the Mets' wait-and-see attitude is that a premier player could decide to sign elsewhere before the Mets make their final pitch.

New York never even attempted to reach out to the agent for pitcher Carl Pavano, who has decided on the Yankees, and it could be ugly if the Mets land none of the free agents they came to Anaheim targeting.

Minaya said that he is getting closer to a "breaking point" where he will ask representatives point-blank if there is any hope of a deal, but then said that he wasn't there yet.

"I'd rather come home with nothing than a bad deal," Minaya said. "That would worry me because that would be long-lasting."

Bryan Hoch is in Anaheim covering the Winter Meetings for Scout.com.

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