Minaya: Reyes and Matsui Not On The Move

<b>ANAHEIM</b> – Omar Minaya has issued his strongest backing to date of Jose Reyes and Kaz Matsui as the New York Mets' double-play tandem.<br> <br> Asked Sunday if he could envision a scenario in which Reyes and Matsui were not in the Mets infield on Opening Day, Minaya said that it was "very doubtful."

"I envision Reyes and Matsui as our shortstop and second baseman [combination]," Minaya said.

Recent media reports have linked the Seattle Mariners and the Boston Red Sox to showing interest in Matsui, while the 21-year-old Reyes was mentioned in rumors concerning the Oakland Athletics' Tim Hudson.

But Matsui has a limited no-trade clause that prohibits him from being traded to all but three teams, and Minaya said that he feels the Mets owe it to Matsui to give him a chance to show he can improve upon the .272 average and Major League-high 24 errors he committed in 2004.

"I'm intrigued," Minaya said. "I think he's a better player than how he played last year. … Kaz Matsui is going to be our second baseman. We are not talking about anything with Kaz Matsui."

With Reyes and Matsui locked into place, a rumored offer to infielder Orlando Cabrera would appear to be out of the picture. The ship also may have sailed on free agent Richie Sexson, who is close to accepting a deal with another club.

However, the Mets still may have interest in signing 33-year-old Wil Cordero as a utility infielder and outfielder – Minaya said Sunday that it "wasn't fair" for the Mets to ask so much of jack-of-all-trades Joe McEwing this past season.

Speaking generally, Minaya said, "I like experience because we have a young third baseman and a young shortstop. Like I said before, we have young players and want to get some age to blend."

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