Minicamp Q&A with David Wright

David Wright was so eager to get back on a baseball field, he arrived for the Mets' winter mini-camp a full two days early. Wright checked in with to discuss his first day back in the groove:

You said you got bigger and faster this offseason. What did you do?

B.J. Upton, Michael Cuddyer and myself use the same trainer, and what we did was mix in the strength in the weight room with some swimming in the pool, along with some speed and agility. I feel real good physically, and I'm looking forward to getting spring training on with along with getting in the cage and ironing some things out in my swing – strengthening my arms and just getting ready for a long season.

How does swimming help you on a baseball field?

I kind of asked the same question, and my trainer recommended that I get on the program. It helps your flexibility, your shoulders and your back. You just feel stronger throwing, and it works a lot of smaller muscles that you can't really work out with weights.

Last spring training, you were here wearing No. 72 and trying to win a job. How different is it as the incumbent starting third baseman?

I feel like there's only one way to go, and that's 100 percent all the time. I'm definitely not going to go laid back and think anything is given to me, because it's not. I think that's what everyone goes in like. Nobody's relaxed – you need spring training to iron out some things. You don't use spring training just to get in shape, you use spring training to win a job and to go 100 percent. There's nothing relaxed about it.

What are you aiming to accomplish this week here?

I've been chomping at the bit. October 3rd was our last game and I'm used to playing in fall leagues and Instructional League, so I haven't played organized baseball since then. I circled this date on my calendar. I got down here two days early and I'll be staying a few days later [than Thursday] because I'm looking forward to getting more ground balls and working on as many things as I can, because I've been confined indoors [in Virginia] to batting cages and things all winter.

Was there any rust when you got in the cage for the first time?

Oh yeah. Definitely, your first day in the cages you try to do a little too much, but you try to just hit consistent line drives and take the ball to right-center. By my third or fourth round I started feeling pretty loose. I was trying to muscle it up my first couple of rounds, but once I got loose I started hitting the ball pretty good.

So you'll keep working hard, along with enjoying the Port St. Lucie nightlife.

(Wright laughs) No, not when you have to get up at 7 o'clock in the morning. There's about enough time to eat a nice dinner around 7:00 and then get in bed by 9:00.

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