Mets, Marlins face off for Delgado

The race for Carlos Delgado's services includes two main contenders who also share a division, with the NL East rival Mets and Marlins squaring off for a showdown.

After briefly and informally meeting with GM Omar Minaya and a Mets contingent in Puerto Rico on Thursday, Delgado is set to sit down and talk shop with the Marlins today, according to reports.

Delgado's discussions with the Mets were held to 30 minutes and did not factor in dollars, as Delgado's agent David Sloane was not present, although Sloane will make it to today's meeting with Florida brass. A second meeting with the Mets is likely to be scheduled next week.

The Baltimore Orioles and Texas Rangers have also shown interest in Delgado, with Texas offering to meet with Delgado next Thursday.

Baltimore, like the Mets, tendered Delgado an original offer of three years and $30 million, while the Marlins are believed to have started negotiations at three years and $35 million. Sloane has reportedly given counter-offers to all three clubs.

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