Final Q&A with Ian Bladergroen caught up with Ian Bladergroen for a final Q&A session to find out his thoughts on being traded to the Red Sox, how he found out he was traded, who he is going to miss the most, and more.

Inside Pitch: How did it feel hearing the news that you had been traded to the Red Sox?

Ian Bladergroen: Well, it was as out of the blue as it gets really. (laughing) I had no idea that I was even on the trading block. I realize it was a business move and the Mets felt they could trade me for what they needed. I have no hard feelings whatsoever to the Mets or management. I am a glass is half full kind of guy and I think this could be a pretty good move for my career.

Inside Pitch: How did you hear you were traded?

Bladergroen: Actually, Kevin Morgan broke the news to me yesterday (Tuesday) after a few of us had gone out to dinner and I was pretty shocked and overwhelmed at first. But baseball is a business and we're all down here (in the minors) trying to make it to the Big Leagues so that goal has not changed. I am just going to jump in with the Red Sox and make an impact.

Inside Pitch: You said it could be a "good move" for your career. How so?

Bladergroen: Well I got to talk to Theo Epstein and a lot of the Red Sox brass today and they obviously really took an interest in me and they seem pretty excited. It was encouraging to hear to that kind of stuff from the GM. I think it is going to be a pretty interesting experience and I feel like I am going to have a good shot in their farm system.

Inside Pitch: Did Theo mention to you where you may be playing this year? When will you be reporting to the Red Sox Spring Training facility?

Bladergroen: Well the Red Sox didn't really mention where I would be playing. They just want to see how the wrist injury is healing. The wrist is coming around pretty well right now. I am in South Carolina right now, hanging out with Shawn (Bowman) and Stacey (Bennett) right now. I was actually all ready to head down to St. Lucie, but now I'll be going to Fort Myers. They have a minicamp starting on February 1st so I'm going to go down there and workout for three weeks and try and get back into the swing of things.

Inside Pitch: What is it going to be like leaving the Mets' organization?

Bladergroen: Man, it is going to be hard. I mean, these are my guys. It is really going to be hard to say goodbye to all of these guys. We have all played together the last couple of years and I'm like the first guy from our draft class to be leaving, so that feels weird. But we're all striving to make it to the Big Leagues so it is kind of bitter sweet. I've enjoyed the time we had to hang out and play together, but I also have a lot to look forward to as well.

Inside Pitch: This is a tough one, but what one guy are you going to miss the most from the Mets' organization?

Bladergroen: (laughing) Boy you are going to put me on the spot. Well, I can't pick just one guy. I am going to miss everybody from our Capital City club from last year. I mean I'm going to miss Bowman, Osberg, Stacey, and everybody else from the team. We were a close-knit team and we all liked each other very much. What's going to be interesting is when we all cross paths again down the road, maybe even this year in the Florida State League. Hopefully I will get to them again real soon.

Inside Pitch: Is there anything that you would like to say to Mets' fans?

Bladergroen: Wow, just that New York fans are the greatest fans I've ever encountered. I was telling Kevin Morgan yesterday that perhaps, someday down the road, our paths will cross again. Who knows? I might be a Met again later down the road. But I've enjoyed my time with the Mets and I think, in my mind, the Mets' fans are the best out there. would like to thank Ian Bladergroen for taking the time to answer our questions on such a busy day. We'd like to wish Ian the best of luck with the Red Sox.

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