Camp Report: Randolph brings out razors

This isn't Art Howe's camp, that much is for sure. <P> Those who felt the Mets were turning into an undisciplined club run by the players will be heartened to know that new manager Willie Randolph appears unwilling to take any guff from the men who inhabit his first clubhouse with the team.

Enter the two-page guide of rules and regulations that slammed down on each players' locker stool Friday at Tradition Field, with the most notable policy being Randolph's banning of any facial hair that dwarfs his own neatly-trimmed mustache.

Those who violate the ban, inspired by Randolph's lengthy tenure under George Steinbrenner's Yankees, subject themselves to a $100 fine. Reliever Matt Ginter shorn his woodsman-like goatee early Friday, while Cliff Floyd, Pedro Martinez and Mike Piazza all expected to arrive Saturday with faces like the you-know-where of a baby.

"I don't want to look like a 1970s-style Burt Reynolds," Piazza told reporters. The Mets will also have a 1 a.m. curfew for the duration of the spring, which might help ward off ugly episodes like last March's alcohol-fueled encounter involving outfielders Karim Garcia and Shane Spencer at a local pizzeria.

Not here yet: Several of the Mets' highest ranked prospects have had trouble getting to camp due to visa problems. Right-hander Alay Soler's struggles getting into the country have been well-documented and are a bit more serious, with investigations into his reported attempt to falsify identification ongoing.

No. 2 prospect Yusmeiro Petit and veteran Manny Aybar, along with top-ranked catcher Jesus Flores, have been delayed as well, according to the Westchester (N.Y.) Journal-News.

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