Catching up with Scott Stewart

A familiar face to NL East fans, left-handed pitcher Scott Stewart is in Port St. Lucie this spring, trying to make the Mets after spending three of the last four years pitching for the Montreal Expos. <P> Inside Pitch caught up with Stewart for a quick rundown of his situation with the team and his chances at going north with the big club.

What made signing with the Mets an attractive option for you?

I know a lot of people over here, a lot of good players. I guess there was a comfort level coming over here, which was something I needed. I just like the situation over here. I think they're putting together a good team and I want to be part of a winner.

Did being traded midway through last season from the Indians to the Dodgers play any part in that?

Well, yeah. Instead of going to camp with people I don't know, I get to go to camp with people I do know. I don't have to start new, because people here know what I've done and what I can do. Most of these players in the clubhouse have played together with me or against me, and that's a big thing.

What did you think of your couple of months with Los Angeles?

I had a real good time out there in L.A. I wore blue jeans and a camouflage hat out there and I probably started a new trend. But I had a real good time there, good guys and it was a lot of fun there.

How about New York? This is a place that you've come into a number of times as an opponent. What are your impressions of the city?

I like New York. I've never had the opportunity to play for either New York club and I'd love to play for a New York team. That's another reason: I'd like to come in and play for this market.

What do you feel like you need to do to make the club?

I don't worry about all that stuff. I just do what I can do, and I can't do any more than that. I feel pretty good physically, and I feel like a kid now. To make this team, I think I've just got to pitch. Other than that, I should be OK. Just keeping it simple.

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