Exclusive Q&A with Victor Diaz

Mets outfielder Victor Diaz may be operating on borrowed time, even despite his .362 batting average entering Sunday's game.<br> <br> However, when Mike Cameron is activated off of the disabled list, Diaz hopes the Mets will consider keeping him around. A place on the bench would be better for his future than an everyday job at Triple-A Norfolk, he told Inside Pitch's Bryan Hoch (Scout.com Premium Q&A content).

Do you feel like you've proven to people that you're ready to handle Major League pitching right now, and for the rest of the season?

I've always felt that I can hit here. I'm going out there with a whole bunch of confidence and I'm trying to help the team win. As soon as I got called up last year, I felt comfortable. As I play more and more, I'm getting more comfortable with the league and adjusting, you know?

How is this year different than last September for you?

Well, last year was only about three weeks. This is the beginning of the season, and I want to play here at the beginning of every season. Last year, I was just playing to play in the big leagues. Now, I want to stick, you know what I'm saying? So if Willie keeps giving me the opportunity to play, I'm going to do 100 percent to do my job.

Does it worry you that when Mike Cameron comes off the disabled list, you'll be a likely candidate to be sent back to Triple-A?

I really don't think about that. It doesn't bother me; they have their opinion and their reasons to do what they do. They know what they're doing. My job is to go out and give 100 percent.

What do you believe would be better for you in the long run, to go to Norfolk and play every day, or stay here and be the fourth outfielder?

I want to stay here and be the fourth outfielder. I'd learn more here than down there. I've proven myself down there, and I think I'd learn more here just watching than I would playing every day down there.

What would you say to those who believe that you need the work every day, as a converted infielder who hasn't had that much experience in the outfield?

I'd say that I go out there every day and work out every day, so I feel like everything's working out OK so far. I'm only going to get better.

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