Quotebook: Cliff Floyd

New York Mets outfielder Cliff Floyd discusses Friday's 5-2 Subway Series loss to the New York Yankees (Premium Content):

Thoughts on the game overall: "We gave them too many outs. We gave them a couple more than we wanted to. Against a team like that, they're going to capitalize and they did. Those things happen in the game."

On if the hyped atmosphere contributed to the Mets' errors: "It doesn't matter to me. I like when it's packed like that, it gives me a little bit of energy – a little more energy. I don't know. It's a crucial situation and having those plays and whatever because of the fans, I don't know. I just know for me in the outfield and I think it goes for everyone else, you're trying to make as close to a perfect play as possible, regardless. You're thinking about what's going on."

On if the loss is discouraging because it came against the Yankees: "It's only discouraging because we know we've got a great team. It's disappointing because we didn't do the things we know we can do. When it's over and you're looking at the word 'error' on the board, you know, it's there for a reason. It's only discouraging because we believe we have a great team."

On the struggles of Kaz Matsui, who committed a crucial error and has been booed at home: "Turn the page. Short-term memory. Those things happen. No one wants to make an error in a crucial situation in a game. It's just awful. You've got to turn the page and come back [Saturday]."

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