Q&A with Brooklyn's Caleb Stewart

Making his second tour of duty with the Brooklyn Cyclones, outfielder Caleb Stewart has filled the cleanup role admirably, homering again on Monday to give the 23-year-old four homers in 18 games. Stewart stopped by with Inside Pitch's Bryan Hoch to discuss his start with Brooklyn: (Premium Q&A Content)

You're swinging a hot bat this week, and pretty much overall (Stewart is hitting .317 through 18 games). What's been going right for you at the plate?

I've been working a little extra, trying to get a feel for it and just see the ball better. It's pretty much the feeling of just getting settled, feeling a little more comfortable up there and getting a pitch to hit.

You had a memorable three-homer game (on July 9, at Hudson Valley). Where does that game rank on your list of all-time favorite moments?

It's definitely up there. I've done it (hit three homers in a game) one other time, but it wasn't in professional ball, so that's got to be one of my most memorable games.

You've played in Brooklyn before. What makes this time around different for you?

The difference is just having that little bit of experience, because this time I know what to expect. I'm trying not to make such a big deal about the whole thing, I'm just trying to relax, come to the park and play baseball.

Was that a problem for you the first time, making a big deal about things?

Oh, yeah. I don't know if I made a big deal about it, it was just a matter of trying to be myself and do well. Now, I really just think about playing baseball and that's it.

How were you able to take that pressure off?

I've been around a couple of years, and the toughest thing is really just to relax. You've got to stop thinking about it so much. You've just got to go out and play ball.

Do you feel like you're a different player today than you were a year ago?

I don't know if I'm that much different as a player, but it's definitely all mental, the mind game. I know now that if I have a bad day, good things are still going to happen. There's no reason to dwell on them so much. You've got to just look past it, come out the next day and play.

Is that one of the biggest adjustments for a young player, changing his approach mentally?

Absolutely. When you're playing every day, you can't just dwell on one game. Forget about everything that happened yesterday, or even today. Pretty much, you've got to be able to put the past in the past and look toward the future.

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