Top notch prospects

So many players have had solid years in the Mets' farm system, it would be virtually impossible to list them all. In part two of our interview with Mets director of scouting and player development Gary LaRocque, we examine who some of the biggest winners have been in 2005.

LaRocque, on if the team evaluates most improved players: "We do, based on where a player coming out of spring training may have been. And obviously that's still going on. We've got three teams in the playoffs with a chance for two more, counting Brooklyn and possibly St. Lucie.

We're still in that process because playoff experience is important, and we look at it based upon what the goals were for each player.

We've had some players put up very good years; I could mention Andy Wilson, who's at St. Lucie and has 28 home runs right now. I think the league record is 33, and he's on track. So yes, we do that and rightfully so, because there's players who deserve to be looked at like that."

More on Andrew Wilson: "I think his value increases with his ability to play multiple positions. He's played first, he's catching some, he has played left field. The big thing there is bringing his bat to the table and we're pleased with that. Right now, his ability to play more than one position really helps him."

On who's exceeded expectations in 2005: "We've had some players who've put up some very good years. When you look at the lower levels, you look at Gaby Hernandez and Andy Wilson, you see some real progress there. They've put up numbers, and there's solid innings and solid at-bats.

We're very fortunate that our prospects have had solid years from the lower levels to Triple-A. Look at Triple-A: Tim Hamulack's had a great year, Blake McGinley's done well. Jason Scobie's won 14 games. Mike Jacobs has put up a very good year; look at Lastings Milledge. Corey Ragsdale has moved up.

Really, truly, all of our players have had an opportunity to move up if they reach and exceed the level before them, and we've been very pleased with the progress many of them have made."

Inside Pitch would like to thank Mets director of scouting and player development Gary LaRocque for his time.

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