Playoff Q&A: Hagerstown's Grant Psomas

After finishing his 2005 campaign with Hagerstown hitting exactly .300 with 19 home runs and 54 RBI, Grant Psomas figures to be a key presence in the Suns' postseason run. He checked in with Inside Pitch's Bryan Hoch this week:

Hagerstown has a good shot at sealing up a ring here in the playoffs. What's the attitude like in your clubhouse?

We're pretty excited. A lot of us played together in Brooklyn last year and unfortunately we lost in the first round. That's always in the back of our minds; the feeling of not being able to move on for the chance for a ring. I think that's going to play a big key in this series. It gives us a little more motivation because nobody's forgotten how we lost.

You've been one of Hagerstown's steadiest performers this year. What do you think the personal keys have been?

I just try to go out every day and play hard. I really haven't done much. I just try and stay consistent and play hard, and that's all you can do.

Do you feel like you've proved anything with the numbers you put up?

I go out every day and let the numbers take care of themselves. If I proved something, fine. If I didn't, then there's always next year, I guess.

You're modest about it, but Gene Richards said that this team probably wouldn't be in the playoffs if not for your contributions. What does that mean to you?

It means a great deal coming out of the manager's mouth. But I believe it was a team effort. Without this team, I don't think we could have made it to the playoffs. I wouldn't say I was the biggest factor but it was definitely a team goal.

How is this team different than the roster you played with in the first half?

We've lost a couple of guys. Gaby Hernandez was a big part, Mike Carp and Ryan Coultas got hurt. We're missing a few guys in the infield, but Jim Burt has stepped in and Jose Coronado is really playing well. We've got Dante Brinkley back for the playoffs, so I'd say this team still has a lot of key guys.

What would you say your best attributes as a player would be?

I have no idea. I'd say I'm a pretty average player. I try to go out every day and do what I can.

Could 'pretty average' be interpreted by some to mean 'pretty good'?

I hope so. I hope it's good. But I just try to get the job done and whatever happens happens. I work hard at everything, and if I fall short, I fall short. But I'm working hard at it.

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