Q&A with Gaby Hernandez

19-year-old pitching prospect Gaby Hernandez was traded by the New York Mets to the Florida Marlins Sunday in the Paul Lo Duca trade. Hernandez joined Inside Pitch's Bryan Hoch Monday for a Q&A on the trade and his future in South Florida (Premium Content).

What was your initial reaction when you heard about the trade?

I heard about it through one of my friends. It was just really quick, like I wasn't even warned about it. I had no idea that it was going to happen. It was a sudden thing, but that's something that's going to happen. I can't do anything about it.

Have you talked with your family and friends about what this means for you?

Oh, everybody knows already. They knew before I did. I wasn't even aware of it; I was watching TV. One of my buddies called up because he saw it on the Internet and they found out, so my parents found out, and then I found out. Everybody was kind of happy because even though the Marlins might move, it'd be nice to stay within the city at least, you know?

Have you heard from either of the two clubs yet?

No, as of right now (12 p.m. on Monday) I haven't heard officially from anybody.

You mentioned that you'd like the team to stay in Florida. How do you look at the Marlins as an opportunity for yourself?

I think I'm in the same situation that I was with the Mets, but maybe a little better. The Marlins are going young and the Mets are going with veterans; they want to win this year. The Marlins are looking toward the future. I don't know. It helps me out a little bit and I'm looking forward to keep working at it and try to reach that level.

Do you think this might speed up your progress to the major leagues?

I'm hoping so. That's what everybody tells me and that's what I've been hearing. It's still all on my shoulders and I have to produce. Nobody else is going to do it for me. I'm hoping I move up a little quicker but I still have to go out there and be competitive every game.

Is there any disappointment in leaving the Mets organization?

No, but I had good experiences. It was a great organization and I knew everybody there; everybody treated me right. I have no disappointments with them whatsoever. They had to do what they had to do, and they got a pretty good catcher. Paul Lo Duca is pretty legit.

What do you think you'll remember the most about your time with the Mets?

Oh, man. The first day [in 2004], walking into the Gulf Coast League, thinking how I belong now. I have to act like a man and not like a little boy anymore. I can't be irresponsible. I have to go out and do my thing. I'll have support from my family, but it's on my shoulders. That one day changed my life. I think it'll be that first day reporting, and the day [June 19, 2005] when I completed that no-hitter. Those will be the two most special days of my short, brief, Mets career.

Is it kind of hard to believe it's over already?

Yeah. I wanted it to be long, but I guess they had something else for me in store.

Gaby Hernandez was a third-round selection of the New York Mets in the June 2004 Free Agent Draft. He was traded to the Florida Marlins on Dec. 4, 2005 for catcher Paul Lo Duca.

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