Mets Notebook: Beltran lays it down

Mets Notebook for March 25 – Carlos Beltran unapologetic for bringing back the bunt … 40-year-old Tom Glavine gives up two homers but otherwise strong … Cliff Floyd plans to start inner-city foundation …

  • Last game - Mets 12, Cardinals 2: Highlighted by a six-run sixth inning that featured Paul Lo Duca's three-run double, the Mets coasted to a 12-2 victory at Jupiter on Friday.

    Tom Glavine, who celebrates his 40th birthday Saturday, picked up his first spring win for the Mets, allowing two runs – solo home runs to Jim Edmonds and Albert Pujols – and five hits over five innings, striking out three but walking four.

    Jose Reyes paced the Mets offense with three hits and three runs scored from the leadoff spot, while David Wright picked up a pair of doubles and two RBI. Chase Lambin slugged a two-run homer in the ninth inning for New York, as the Mets improved to 13-9-1 on the spring.

  • Lay it down: Carlos Beltran bunted again Friday out of the No. 3 hole, loading the bases in a first-inning RBI situation, and was unapologetic for doing so – even if the play resulted in only one run after a strikeout and a double play.

    Many have been critical of Beltran for not behaving like a true No. 3 hitter, a player who should salivate over the chance to drive in runs, not set up that chance for the next batter. Beltran said he doesn't care what the perception is; in his mind, bunting is a winning play.

    "It's about winning," Beltran said. "If I do that and we win, then I will continue to do that."

    Manager Willie Randolph has not set his lineup in stone yet. If Beltran winds up batting No. 2 instead of No. 3, the occasional sacrifices would probably be more tolerable to the masses.

  • Big plans: Cliff Floyd has seen baseball's decline in the inner cities, particularly his hometown of Chicago. Baseball has long ran in basketball's shadow among African-American athletes, but Floyd is planning to start a foundation to help youth re-discover baseball – "Expose the ‘hood to the game," Floyd said.

  • Looking on: Spotted in the Mets' dugout during games, you half-expect Rickey Henderson to grab a glove and trot out to left field (where, of course, he'd immediately start swinging a phantom bat).

    But Henderson's role now is coaching the young Mets like Reyes, Anderson Hernandez and Lastings Milledge, a job he's quietly enjoying. "It'll kind of make me look good," Henderson said.

  • Coming up: The Mets travel north to Kissimmee on Saturday, facing off against the Houston Astros at 1:05 p.m. ET. Brian Bannister continues his bid to win the Mets' fifth starter's job, opposite Andy Pettitte.

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