Draft Night Notebook

Antonio McDyess is a proven all-star power forward who will dominate the Eastern Conference. He has the ability to play center as well, and never being part of a defensive minded organization, there is a good chance he has a lot of room to improve.

He will be the force in the post the Knicks have been searching for ever since Patrick Ewing left New York drawing open looks for Allan Houston and Latrell Sprewell...

With Frank Williams, a fan can only hope that he turns out to be a Charlie Ward that slashes and has a much more aggressive offensive mind. Defensively he'll be tough, and offensively he'll be more consistent with the experience he'll get. A better NBA comparison would be the King's Bobby Jackson…

Marcus Camby was the Knicks MVP when he was healthy, but now take his rebounding production and add to it an equally dominant post repertoire, and you have McDyess. The Knicks will need to make sure they get a player who defensively is full of energy much like Camby. If the Knicks could get their hands on Keon Clark, they'd win 50 games even with Ward at the point… For all the hype, very little is known about Nene Hilario. Nene is a player who didn't even dominate very inferior competition in comparison to the NBA. A comparison of Yao Ming's and Nene's should prove my point. Nene averaged 8 points, 10 rebounds, and 1.6 blocks. Ming on the other hand averaged more than 25 points and 15 rebounds. Ming's numbers represent domination. Nene doesn't even come close to Ming's numbers, and his high draft status was based more on his athleticsm, and that doesn't always pan out (remember Joe Smith?).
With that said, if Nene does reach his potential, the Knicks front office may look silly for this deal. Of course, if he flops, this will be a brilliant deal. It's a risk well worth taking and McDyess will be a top-5 frontcourt player in the East.

With Mark Jackson, Denver might have finally found their coach. Jackson has more potential to end up leading this team on the bench than the court. His brain will likely translate into better team development since they are a young team. It will also give them a good veteran leader on the court…

Report Cards

Nuggets: A+ ... Since re-signing McDyess is unlikely they needed to move him. In return they got another athletic big man who combined with their own pick, Nicoloz Tskitishvili, will give them the potential to have a dominant frontcourt in the future. They also acquired Camby, a very athletic big man who can help teach Nene defense in the NBA, and help him utilize his natural shot blocking ability. This trade may not pay dividends right away, but in 3 years this trade may make the Nuggets a front runner in the West.

Knicks: B+ ... It's really a win-win, no-win / no-win situation for the Knicks. If they make no trade they have a youngster who can't help them until 3 years down the line at best. If they make the trade they have a great piece of the puzzle with many pieces missing. Either way the Knicks are still trying to piece this puzzle together, but this has to be a step in the right direction. McDyess is a proven big man who will dominate the East, and his injury last season has probably drawn more attention because of Camby's inability to stay healthy.

The addition of Frank Williams in the deal may be the difference between a B+ deal and an A+ deal. If Williams turns out to be a good starting point guard in this league there is no way you can knock this deal. If Williams turns out to be a slacker, then you have to wonder if it was worth it. The other deciding factor, and probably the greatest in the short term, is what moves Layden makes to compliment this trade. McDyess can't make this team a contender alone, but with a few more changes the Knicks may not be as far off from contending as many think.

Courtesy of NYKbasketball.Com

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