McDyess A Short Term Solution

The ultimate goal of any NBA team should be to win an NBA championship. It should be the sole driving force of any organization involved with basketball. But somewhere along the way, the Knicks have lost this drive, have lost their direction, and as a result, will be mired in another mediocre season.

No question, the addition with McDyess gives the Knicks something they have been lacking for quite some time: a low post presence. McDyess not only helps them on the block drawing double teams and finding open players (Allan Houston and Latrell Sprewell, if Spree is still around) but also on the rebounding side where the Knicks were pummeled night after night last year.

Frank Williams, a Big 10 player of the year in his sophomore season saw his stock plummet his junior season, but it is possible the Knicks could have gotten a steal with his NBA ready body and his previous experience for scoring and passing.

And it wasn't like the Knicks gave up much to get either player. Marcus Camby will never play a full season with any NBA team. Mark Jackson, while still a solid point guard in terms of offense, was a tremendous liability on defense and both had long term contracts for big bucks.

The team the Knicks have now will surely make the playoffs. They'll probably even make the second round. But the buck stops there. A team like Boston or New Jersey will have their way with this team. The roster the Knicks have are a makeshift team still without a true center and a point guard. Layden might not be done, but this team isn't any closer to a championship than they were last season. Charlie Ward and Howard Eisley, Kurt Thomas and Travis Knight – for the time being, these are your point guards and centers.

Unfortunately, the front office won't let Layden rebuild for three years. They can't stand to let Nene Hilario (who will be an all-star in several years) develop. They passed up Caron Butler who will be tormenting the Knicks in a Heat uniform for seasons and seasons to come. The front office would pound their heads into the ground if the Knicks didn't make the playoffs for another year. Not with a sellout streak on the line. Not with the thousands of people on hand at The Theater in Madison Square Garden chanting, "Fire Layden" at the top of their lungs. They knew that McDyess was just a quick 2 year fix. They also knew that the front office had no desire to win a championship, but rather to sell out the garden for a few extra years.

The Knicks haven't hung a championship banner up in 30 years. That doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon. The Knicks don't rebuild, they reload. But every time they put a bullet into the shaft, it becomes more expensive, and more ineffective. If you want to see the Knicks make the playoffs and lose like they always do, then this trade will be the savior of the Knicks. However, for those who want to be on top of the basketball world, you'd better start rooting for the Lakers.

Courtesy of NYKbasketball.Com

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