Weaver's Experience in Detroit Only Helps

A question needs to be asked: Why Weaver and why not Lilly? Their stats are very similar, and they are approximately the same age. I like Weaver more because he has pitched well in the face of adversity, and that might very well be the proper medicine for Lilly. Toiling in Hades for a while might also make Lilly a better pitcher in the future.

For Joe Torre and the Yankees, there is no gray area with Weaver. He will be given the ball every five days and be counted on to win. He responded very well in his debut before the All-Star break. He gave up runs early in his start against the Toronto Blue Jays. But good teams rally, and the Yankees did just that on July 7th. Weaver trailed until a late homerun by Derek Jeter gave Weaver the lead. The Yanks then held on for a 10-6 victory and Jeff Weaver was a winner in his Yanks opener.

All I can I say is expect more of the same from Weaver in the second half of the season. He now knows that he is working with a safety net, an offense that produces for its pitchers. Pencil in 15 wins for Weaver for 2000, and a whole lot more wins in the seasons to come.

Of course in baseball, as in life, there are no guarantees. Your stock goes up however when you play for a winner. It increases the chances for success greatly. Weaver may not win 20 games or a Cy Young Award. His chances of doing both is enhanced simply by being a Yankee. Case in point is Mike Mussina, who like Weaver, labored a number of years in baseball Limbo. Now playing for New York, he has to be considered one of the top five pitchers in all of baseball. Winning begets winning.

Weaver will also benefit from being surrounded by a Roger Clemens or a Mike Mussina. He had little guidance in Detroit. Now he has arguably the greatest pitching coach in all of baseball in Mel Stottlemyre, who will watch his every pitch. Mel will instill the necessary confidence that any young pitcher, no matter how talented, greatly needs.

Once again Weaver is the future of the Yankee pitching staff. Quite possibly the Clemens or Mussina, who will spearhead the rotation in the coming decade. Only time will tell, but I greatly like Jeff's chances.

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