Metropolitans Going 'Wild'

There was a time when the Mets playoff hopes were melting faster than ice cubes on a hot summer day. Now it is July 24th and there will be no more meaningless baseball in Flushing Meadows, so we hope. When everyone thought they were done, out of the race, history -- that is when the Mets decided to turn it on. They are relying on timely hitting right now, but the question remains. Is this starting pitching staff worthy enough for a post season run? Not hardly.

Pedro Astacio has been the most consistent starter and defining why the Mets have come to call him the ‘Mule'. He has justified countless times that he can be the stopper. If a wild-card berth is going to be granted, he must continue to do what he has done so well all season long.

When Al Leiter starts a contest he has either been magnificent or horrific. A majority of the time he is very impressive but he is aging. After Al and Astacio, you are filled with three dilemmas.

Despite Tuesday night's start by D'Amico -- Shawn Estes and Jeff D'Amico have been a disgrace over the last two months. Give me a B, Give Me an A, Give Me a D. What does that spell? BAD. If you have confidence in these two than you need to seek medical attention.

Steve Trachsel is coming off the disabled list and with back problems you never know. Look for the Metropolitans to try and trade Estes or D'Amico and add a new starter either via trade or the waiver wire.

Despite their most recent pitching woes the offense is more rejuvenated than Just For Men Hair Gel. Averaging over seven runs a game isn't a shock for this lineup stocked with former all-stars.

The New York bats are getting hot, all the way down the lineup. As we stroll through the statistics we find Vaughn is hitting .348 in his last twenty-five games with power, Alfonzo is hitting an unconscious .400, along five home runs and fourteen RBIs in the month of July.

It seems as if every Met is in a groove and that is not an optical illusion. When a bunch of players are scorching, that translates into a winning streak and with a winning streak they find themselves in playoff contention.

Time is on their side along with three games remaining with the Reds, Giants, and Dodgers. Making up more games in the standings than Bug Selig has tried to contract gives fans reason to believe.

Getting the production when they needed it most and the wins while other teams are in turmoil. Playoff baseball at Shea? Only time will tell.

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