Glavine ready for Game 2 start

Mets left-hander Tom Glavine met the media for a press conference on Wednesday, in which he said he would be prepared for his Game 2 start against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Thursday evening. The following is a selection of Glavine's thoughts:

On being considered for a Game 1 start: No, they didn't ask me. I told them I would if they wanted me to, but that was the extent of it, you know. When I left yesterday, I just knocked on Willie's door and told him if they wanted me to pitch, I would pitch, I would be available to pitch, that I was going home, and somebody would call me if I was pitching. That was it. They called me later and said I wasn't going to.

On feeling additional pressure with Pedro Martinez and Orlando Hernandez out: Um, to a degree, but not a lot, you know. I mean, I don't think enough to make me go out there and try and do anything differently or try and do anything that I'm not capable of doing. I mean, when you lose Pedro and you lose El Duque now, I mean, it puts a lot of pressure on everybody. It's not going to be up to John Maine or myself or, you know, one or two guys. I mean, everybody's gonna have to step up and try and pick up the slack and make the loss of those guys have less of an effect than it otherwise might.

So, I mean, the best thing we can do to make the absence of those guys less is to go out there and score a bunch of runs and take all the pressure we can off our pitchers. We'll do what happens, but I think everybody's looking forward to the opportunity.

On a possible time frame Glavine might have put on beating the Braves as a member of the Mets: I don't know what time frame I put on finally beating the Braves or somebody finally beating the Braves. When you're a free agent and you're picking a team that you're ultimately gonna play for, you pick a team that you think is going to give you an opportunity to win. There's no question I felt the opportunity to win here in New York would take place within the four years that I was here. You know, I can't say that I wanted to wait this long or that I haven't had more opportunities before now, but, I mean, that's just the way things have played out.

You know, we've obviously gone through some changes since I've been here. We've put together a real good team this year, so, you know, it's something that I knew was gonna happen and, you know, ultimately, like I say, I wish I didn't have to wait this long but I did and it's been worth the wait and it's been fun. You know, from my standpoint, I'm just looking forward to getting back out there and pitching in the postseason again. I mean, I've missed that, so I'm looking forward to it.

On giving some of the less-experienced Mets advice on what the postseason is like: I mean, I can't say that I've talked a lot. Indirectly, I guess. If we've had, you know, meetings going into a series or, you know, having a team meeting or a pitchers' meeting, that kind of thing, maybe in that atmosphere I've given a little bit of advice, but not a lot. It's not like I've gone around and counseled everybody or anything like that. Everybody kind of deals with this in their own way, and I think that, you know, as a player that's been through the postseason a lot, I guess, you know, the main message you try and get across to guys is, number one, understanding that there's a whole lot more attention on these games and more media and because of that there can be a lot more distractions and you have to be prepared to deal with that. Secondly, to try and encourage guys to relax. We all tend to get in this atmosphere early on and we start trying too hard and start trying to do things that we're not capable of doing and we end up getting ourselves in trouble. It's the same game. We all have to do the same things to be successful. We tend to put too much pressure on ourselves when we get in this atmosphere. You just try to caution guys not to do that.

On what it's like to play at Shea Stadium, and what it does for the players: Well, I mean, it's crazy here, you know. I mean, you play a game here in front of a packed house or you play a game at Yankee Stadium in front of a packed house, it's the epitome of New York; there's energy, excitement, craziness, all that is boiled into what's going on.

You know, our fans here have been great all year long. You know, they have the ability to, you know, make a 25- or 27,000 crowd sound like the place is sold out. I can't imagine how loud it's going to be here the next couple days. It's just a great atmosphere. They're into it. They know what's going on. They understand the game. They understand the situations. You know, if the true meaning of fan is a fanatic, that's what these people are, they're fanatic about their baseball and certainly about their baseball teams.

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