LTJ Editorial: Backup DE's Have Time to Shine

DE John Abraham sprained his left knee in practice this past Saturday but will do every effort possible to be ready for the Jets first regular-season game, Sept. 8 against the Buffalo Bills. An MRI this past Monday revealed a second-degree sprain on the medial collateral ligament, which means Abraham will likely be out between 4-6 weeks.

DE Steve White will starting in Abraham's position when the Jets have their preseason opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers Thursday. DE Bryan Thomas will also take his position and share time with White.

Boy, oh boy, am I glad the Jets stocked up on DE's when they could. Now everyone can really tell just how important defensive ends are this day and age. Abraham should be back with a fury when the Jets open up their season against the Drew Bledsoe led Buffalo Bills.

Hopefully he'll be able to play at the level he's capable of. I've heard he'll be wearing a brace to protect his injury even more so that's a plus. I'm grateful it wasn't anything serious.

It looks like DE Shaun Ellis will stay at his position and not be converted into a defensive tackle, the reason being the Jets picked up 2 quality tackles in Josh Evans and Larry Webster.

I'm sure the Jets will have a nice rotation system between their DE's and DT's, it'll be interesting to watch. I remember this use to be a problem last year, the Defensive Line would just be exhausted if a team would go into a no huddle offense (like the Indianapolis Colts; speaking of which I'm glad they're not in our division anymore).

This shouldn't be a problem any more since the Jets have reportedly put an enhanced system so the players wouldn't be exhausted in that scenario.

All eyes are set for Thursday as the Jets make their preseason debut against the Pittsburgh Steelers. I know it's just preseason, but I'm pretty excited to see how well the Jets gel on both sides of the ball. In other words, how they execute, put numbers on the board, rush the passer, etc.

A lot of people don't really understand how important the preseason is. It's pretty much a four-week test/proving time. There are a whole bunch of players working their tails off to simply make the team, while there are others trying to prove they're worthy of a starting position. Plus of course, as the preseason unfolds, names start leaving the roster due to their performance.

WR Mike Furrey has apparently quit the Jets and football in general. To make up for it, they picked up WR Mike Horacek. He's a 6'2, highly athletic receiver who's lately been in the training camps of the Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Speaking of Receivers, QB Tory Woodbury might end up becoming one depending on how well he does as a WR when the Jets will switch him to that position when they go play the Baltimore Ravens in preseason week 2.

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