Griff's View O'The Game: 8/11-Great Scott!

When the game started, I had a bad feeling that Scott Rolen was going to play a big factor in this game. It's too bad I'm not a betting man, or I might be collecting a lot of money right now. Rolen tattooed the Mets pitching staff for a perfect 3-3 night, including a solo home run and a triple. He also walked twice and scored three runs as the Mets slide towards oblivion as the Cardinals thumped the Mets 9-0.

I know. That's a forfeit score, isn't it? The Mets sure looked like they were waving that little white flag by the end of the game. Jeff D'Amico even got to pitch some scrub-relief duty, and Mark Guthrie seems to be trying to start a new streak-allowing a runner to score everytime he pitches now.

How bad was it? I actually found myself leaving my apartment when it was 7-0 and doing my laundry. Don't worry. If I was at Shea covering this professionally, I'd stay in the press box. Could you imagine?

"Hey Mike, where are you going?"
"Down to the locker room to do my laundry."
"But there's a GAME going on here."
"I know that, but do you know how expensive laundry is on a reporter's salary?"

I digress. The game made me do that. I thought the Mets had a chance to get back into it when it was 3-0, but Rolen threw out Rey Ordonez at the plate on an ill-advised scoring attempt. Was that the sound of thousands of Little League coaches firing up their VCRS?

Ok.. thinking of things... what was Roger Cedeno thinking, yapping at Chuck Finley for a pitch that was not even that far inside? Were I Finley, I'd have said "You want an inside pitch? I'll show you a &*&*&ing inside pitch!", but Finley showed more restraint, making Cedeno look bad on a splitter on the next pitch.

It was one of those games that was so bad, I think I'll go back to hanging up my laundry.

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