Griff's View O' The Game: 8/13-Wrong Way!

It was symbolic of the Mets direction. With two outs in the seventh and the Mets trailing 7-1, Roberto Alomar was batting with a full-count. He tried to check his swing and tossed his bat away and started trotting to first base. The Padres appealed to the third base umpire, who rung him up and Alomar was left standing there in the basepaths between home and first while the Padres ran off the field. It seemed emblematic of the whole season- the Mets go one way and the league goes another.

I thought the Mets would have a good chance against the Padres, but then again, they have a habit of playing to the level of the team they are playing. Correction.. they tend to make the other team look like the Word Series Champions. The Padres jumped on Steve Trachsel for four runs in the first inning, and never looked back.

Jake Peavy, the Padres starting pitcher had three hits on the night. How bad was it that he led the Padres with those three hits? It was just an ugly game for the Mets, and I'm wondering what the attendance will be like on Saturday, when I go there. The only Mets offense was on a solo home run by Vance Wilson, who started for Mike Piazza, who was a late scratch with an injured wrist.

The lone bright spot was seeing Armando Benitez blow the Padres away in a perfect ninth inning, keeping the Mets in the game with only a six-run deficit. That and seeing Bruce Bochy have to bring in Trevor Hoffman with a 7-2 score just to end the game, but that was more of a pleasure at inconveniencing him.

So the Mets slide towards missing the playoffs for the second straight year continues. Maybe they will win tomorrow and Thursday to win two of three. Maybe not. Stay tuned. It beats the heat.

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