Griff's View O'The Game:8/14-Leits Out

Once again, the Mets found themselves looking at a deficit in the first inning. Al Leiter threw a pitch that didn't move the way he wanted to, and Ron Gant crushed it, hitting a two-run home run and the Mets found themselves in a hole once again. It didn't help that Bubba Trammell, the person they traded in the off-season in 2000, homered also and continue to torment Mets fans with what they could have had in the outfield had they kept him- a power-hitting outfielder.

Think Steve Phillips was watching this and thinking, "Why did I trade him away for a pitcher that we barely used (Donne Wall)?"

Mets fans expressed their sentiments by booing the non-power-hitting outfielders Phillips DID get: Jeromy Burnitz and Roger Cedeno. Burnitz was booed when he pinch-hit, and then booed again when he (surprise) struck out. Cedeno was booed when he grounded out to second. I can understand the booing of Cedeno, as he's been horrible all around, but Burnitz actually tries in the field. Like Keith Hernandez in '85, he's just stuck in a very deep, deep forest right now. Unfortunately Burnitz doesn't have the hitting skills Hernandez did in his prime.

Once again, Leiter didn't get it done on the mound. He's loved in the community and in the clubhouse, but he hasn't been pitching like he's worth $10 million a year. The only one that's been pitching really consistently is Astacio, and his arm could go any time.

Tomorrow will bring either a sweep or a 2 of 3 series loss, and then the Dodgers will be coming to town. The specter of a strike still looms, so the chance that Shea will be full are pretty good, but it might be more due to the fact that it might be the last baseball seen in a while than the fact that the Dodgers are a wild card team the Mets are chasing.

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