LTJ Editorial: Simply Amazing!

There are many terms and nicknames that have been given to WR Wayne Chrebet. Often called "The Green Lantern" and "Mr. Third Down", Chrebet has been with the Jets for seven seasons. Many thought he would go nowhere due to his 5'10, 188-pound frame, and yet he's considered one of the sure-handed WR's to ever play in the NFL.

The mentality of how he plays, his determination, and just the way he handles himself has made him one of my favorite players on the team. That's why I'm hoping that anyday now, a nice long-term deal will be given to Wayne Chrebet so he can retire from the NFL as a Jet.

Things like that don't come often, where a player stays with the team that gave him a chance and retires with them. Here's looking forward to another season in which Wayne Chrebet will once again shine, plus I have an interesting tidbit that you should keep an eye out for:

Chrebet needs just 62 more catches to pass Al Toon for second place on the Jets career receptions list! When he achieves this, he'll be right behind the #1 WR of all time for the Jets, Hall of Famer, Don Maynard.

I know lots of Jets fans were starting to question why QB Chad Pennington was given such short playing time when the Jets beat the Steelers 16-6 last week. The only way I see it was to simply test out all the other players, Pennington is more used to the first string team and not the second string team.

I do know for a fact though that when the Jets play the Baltimore Ravens Thursday, Pennington will be handed over 65% of the snaps. I figure they'll start Testaverde in the first and let him play that whole quarter and then let Pennington have the second and most of the third quarter, then give the other 2 QB's the Jets still have (Woodbury, McCann, etc.) a chance to play in the fourth.

All in all, I'm looking forward to seeing Pennington continue getting more play time, with the way Vinny's thumb is, the Jets need to make sure he's ready to go into the game whenever need be.

Speaking of that Jets/Steelers game, it was indeed a sign of good things to come. With how energetic the offense was and how well the defense was, I'm confident (and will stick to what I said last season, which came true) that the Jets will indeed make the Playoffs again.

As for how far they'll go, it's in their hands, but I know they have what it takes to at least get there.

Just like Pennington, Chrebet didn't see too much action his way in that game, in fact, he mostly did blocking and didn't get any passes thrown to him. He should get some thrown his way this week, plus isn't it great to see how well not only the offense is clicking but also with all the weapons we have now?

Think about it, every defense will have questions on their minds each and every play. Will the Jets give the ball to RB Curtis Martin, probably the best weapon the Jets have? Or will they go deep and hit WR Santana Moss for a 30+ yard big play? Will they hit Chrebet on a slant play? What about TE Anthony Becht? Oh man, I'm excited just thinking about it!

Don't forget about the defense that successfully stopped "The Bus"! With DE John Abraham, DE Bryan Thomas, and all the usual guys who are heavy hitters (Lewis, Jones, Garnes, etc.) they'll surely do a better job than last season.

Plus you know what's remained consistent with the Jets from last season? They way they just create turnovers, from all the forced fumbles to interceptions, I see them doing that again this season. They did have a bunch of interceptions, and that was against Steeler starting QB Kordell Stewart too.

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