Griff's View O'The Game:8/16-Not Cloud-Nine

Want to know the most humiliating thing about this nine-game home losing streak? At least the team in 1979 <i>knew</i> they were going to be bad. This 2002 incarnation of the Mets has no such excuse to fall upon. They were assembled to make a run at the Braves National League East dominance, and are failing abysmally.

Even when Timo Perez battled a hard-fought battle against Dodgers pitcher Kevin Brown, who was being eased into pitching again after being on the disabled list for back troubles, fouling off some very nasty pitches, finally to hit an opposite field single to score Rey Ordonez, who had walked earlier in the inning, to give the Mets a 2-1 lead, the feeling was that they were going to blow it.

Sure enough, they did. Mark Guthrie, who had been almost unhittable earlier in the season, has gone the opposite route of late, and continued that trend by giving up a two-run home run to that noted power hitter, Marquis Grissom.

Eric Gagne, who has been to automatic saves what Armando Benitez has been to heartburn, came in and shut the Mets down in the ninth, and as the Dodgers came out to celebrate, I clicked off the TV.

Some thoughts:
-the Mets started off nicely, but reverted to their lifeless ways by the end of the game.
-The loss overshadowed Ty Wgginton's home run and some nice defense, especially a tumbling throw made by Vance Wilson to first and another one of those great sliding catches by Ordonez.
-A pall hangs over tomorrow's "Al-Amazing Team Induction." It might be just me, but I just find it ghoulish that the Mets are doing this, with some players who gave their all and are truly great players while a couple who are part of this truly monumentally stupid strike threat are also included on the roster. I'll be going to the game, but I won't be cheering those players. Of course, some might argue that a strike might be the best thing to put Mets fans out of their misery. I disagree. Play on, however badly the season ends.

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