Griff's View O'The Game: 8/17-Revoltin' Mess

Odalis Perez, throwing a no-hitter as well as a perfect game against the Mets, wound up and threw a one-out 3-2pitch to Rey Ordonez. Ordonez started to swing and tried to hold up. The catcher appealed to the first base umpire, who ruled that Ordonez had held up. Ball 4. End of the perfect game. Boos cascaded down on the umpire. Did I mention that this was <i>at Shea</i>?

Mike Piazza then hit a towering two-run home run for the Mets' first hit of the game and after the fans stopped celebrating that, half of them left. On a night where the Mets honored their All-Time Mets team, they played more like their 1962 team, with mental errors and poor pitching. The crowd booed Astacio, which I don't agree with, as he's been the most consistent pitcher of this sadly inconsistent Mets team. He just did not have it tonight, as evidenced when Shawn Green hit a monstrous three-run home run, and gave up 8 runs on the night. Jeff D'Amico did slightly better, giving up two runs.

Perez was doing a lot better though, and was aided a couple of times by nice running catches by Green in right.

The final score was 10-4, and now the Mets have lost 10 in a row at home, the fans are fed up. It's a good thing they will be on the road after tomorrow's game. Even if they won ten games in a row, I think it would be tough sell to get fans back to Shea. A revolting Mess indeed. That's what SignMan, a former Shea staple in the beginning who was at tonight's game, would likely put on a sign for an upcoming game.

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