Griff's View O'The Game:8/20- Amazin'? No: Amusin'

I could only laugh. First Jeromy Burnitz, usually a savvy fielder, threw to the wrong cutoff man, and then Mo Vaughn pulled a Johnny Pesky, waiting too long to throw the ball to the plate while Barry Bonds was chugging plateward. Al Leiter was screaming in frustration as the play was unfolding before his eyes. Then Rey Ordonez made Bobby Valentine want to scream by make much too wide of a turn at second base on a single and got tagged out to end a rally in the eighth.

Valentine just folded his arms behind his back and looked calm, but inside, he must have been calling Ordonez, who has not exhibited good baseball sense all year, every name in the book.

Vaughn had a chance to redeem himself in the ninth, with one out and Joe McEwing, who pinch ran for Roberto Alomar, on second. He flied out to left though. Giants pitcher Schmidt then got Mike Piazza looking to end the game, as the Mets lost 1-0. Leiter pitched his heart out again, and wound up losing as Schmidt pitched a complete game, striking out 13 and the Mets are now on the dusty road to oblivion again. They just need to find more interesting ways to lose. It'll be the only way Mets fans can laugh to keep from crying.

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