Griff's View O'The Game:8/21-Ten-Pin

This is a dead team, folks. They've lost 10 games in a row, and they show about about as much emotion as a cadaver during this whole game. Mike Piazza came up with a chance to tie the game in the ninth, and all he could muster was a pop-fly to shallow center-field. He <i>maybe</i> grimaced a bit, though he might have just been shifting his jaw to unwedge the piece of gum in his jaw. C'mon Mike, you're mired in long losing streak-yell, break something, show you care.

The Mets did score in the ninth though, courtesy of a wild pitch. It was the first time they had scored in 24 innings. This was the powerhouse that was supposed to win a lot of 9-7 games?

They wasted another good pitching effort, this time by John Thomson, who only made one really, really bad mistake, leaving a pitch over the plate that Jeff Kent just crushed into left field. It was the offense that was horrible, hitting into four double plays.

There was a new face in the line-up, Raul Gonzalez, who had come in the Estes trade. He played center and didn't embarrass himself. One thought: One time Barry Bonds hit a fly ball to him. Think he was thinking to himself as he settled under the flyball, 'Holy &*&*, I'm about to catch a ball hit by Barry Bonds!'?

This team is getting very, very tough to watch. I almost fell asleep, but it might have also been because the cooler night weather just made me sleepy.

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