Griff's View O'The Game: 8/27-Back From Vacation

I'm back from a mini-hiatus from writing about the Mets and their games. They were sapping my spirits with their dreadful ways of losing. Of course, during this span away, they win two games, one of them when they were on the brink of losing their thirteenth game in a row. So I'm back tonight to chronicle their game in the ghost town of Florida's Pro Player Stadium.

The Mets continued playing well, drubbing the Marlins 10-3, but I'm not sure it should count, as the fans plainly forgot to show up for tonight's game. How bad was it? I'm sure the players could hear individual conversations in the stands. Maybe that's why the Marlins looked so bad, they were distracted hearing the latest gossip over in Section 10.

No, this wasn't of those orchestrated walkouts to show how mad fans are at the possible beginning of a strike this Friday. Marlins fans, aggrieved at how their World Championship '97 team was gutted the following offseason and how a young team was gutted this year, have been competing with Montreal to see how little attendence they can muster. Expect the same to happen tomorrow.

Nice to have this little winning streak now, but with Armageddon looming on Friday, enjoy every game you see this week. Even if it's the Mets-Marlins.

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