Griff's View O'The Game:8/30-The Games Go On

"Don Fehr and Bud Selig stepped away from the Gates of Doom today, letting common sense break through the klaxons of war and allowing the games to continue. This kept Shea Stadium from becoming a tomb prematurely through September. The way the Mets played tonight though, only served to add engravings to the tombstone of a promising season that met its early demise many games ago." That was my imitation of a lead of Bergen County Record columnist Bob Klapisch. What do you think, folks?

Of course, the way the Mets played against the Phillies tonight, a strike might have been preferable. Once again, Bobby Valentine clings to the notion that Pat Burrell can be pitched to. Burrell cannot be pitched to, Bobby.He had three R.B.I.s and also to two T.R.T. (that's T.V. remotes thrown, folks)

To be fair though, Pedro Astacio did not have his A-game going tonight, hitting three batters, and hit the home plate umpire in the process of hitting the third batter. The umpire had to leave the game, since the pitch might have broken his wrist.
Br>He was lucky. The Mets had to stay and play the game. Once again, the way they played tonight has typified their play all year, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. They did hit some, scoring 5 runs, but their pitching betrayed them, with Astacio and David Weathers being the prime culprits.

Jeromy Burnitz did hit his 200th career home run, too bad it was a solo home run, and it seemed to make Phillies closer Jose Mesa mad, as he struck out the next two hitters before getting Joe McEwing to fly out and end the game.

Thoughts though: Even though the Mets continue to trudge towards October and early golf course dates during the playoffs, and an almost certain team overhaul, hopefully starting from the front office down, I'm glad that baseball was not cut short by a strike. Sure, the Mets may be boring, but I'm glad they are giving me more chances to work on my Klapisch imitations.

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