Top 60 Mets' Prospects

The Mets farms system has come a long way in the past 3 seasons. The successful rebuilding of the farm system is the product of improved drafting and International player acquisition. Pitching remains the strength of the farm system. The Mets pitching is better balanced between left-handed starters and right handed ones. Third base, shortstop, centerfield and catching positions represent areas of organizational strength. Left-handed power hitters and corner outfielders remains the area of m

Left-handed power hitters and corner outfielders remains the area of major weakness.

The Top 60 Mets Prospects

1. Jose Reyes (SS)
2. Aaron Heilman (RHP)
3. Justin Huber (C)
4. Matthew Peterson (RHP)
5. Scott Kazmir (LHP)
6. Patrick Strange (RHP)
7. Jaime Cerda (LHP)
8. David Wright (3B)
9. Neal Musser (LHP)
10. Robert Keppel (RHP)
11. Tyler Walker (RHP)
12. Jeremy Griffiths (RHP)
13. Prentice Redman (LF)
14. Angel Pagan (CF)
15. Craig Brazell (1B)
16. Enrique Cruz (3B, SS)
17. David Mattox (RHP)
18. Jeff Duncan (CF)
19. Phil Seibel (LHP)
20. Danny Garcia (2B)
21. Jason Phillips (C)
22. Michael Jacobs (C)
23. Aaron Baldiris (3B)
24. Alhaji Turay (RF)
25. Jake Joseph (RHP)
26. Leonard DiNardo (LHP)
27. Roberto Solano (CF)
28. Adam Elliot (RHP)
29. Miguel Pinango (RHP)
30. Kevin Deaton (RHP)
31. Kenneth Chenard (RHP)
32. P. J. Bevis (RHP)
33. Bob Malek (RF)
34. Joseph Jiannetti (2B)
35. Chris Basak (SS)
36. Tyler Yates (RHP)
37. Jason Scobie (RHP)
38. Luz Portobanco (RHP)
39. Wayne Lydon (CF)
40. Yunior Cabrera (LHP)
41. Joey Cole (RHP)
42. Ross Peeples (LHP)
43. Jae Weong Seo (RHP)
44. Tanner Osborne (RHP)
45. Harold Eckert (RHP)
46. Tim LaVigne (RHP)
47. Brian Walker (LHP)
48. Ryan Jamison (RHP)
49. John Wilson (C)
50. Brett Kay (C)
51. Marvin Seale (LF)
52. Heath Bell (RHP)
53. Aaron McNeal (RHP)
54. Matthew Watson (1B)
55. Ty Wigginton (3B)
56. Corey Ragsdale (SS)
57. Nick Maness (RHP)
58. Blake Whealy (2B)
59. Derran Watts (CF)
60. Jamar Hill (LF)

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