Q&A with New Orleans OF Carlos Gomez

The 21-year-old jewel of the Mets system is off to a scorching start. He continues to develop the five tools that will make him into a force at the next level. Gomez has hit safely in his first 14 games for Triple-A New Orleans, batting .392 overall. Entering play Tuesday night, he had the fifth best batting average in the Pacific Coast League.

Inside Pitch: You're off to a nice start obviously, getting a hit in each of your games so far. Is there one thing you've done differently in your approach these first 12 games so far?

Carlos Gomez: No. I don't think about hitting streaks. I didn't know I had 12 games straight until you told me. I'm just focused on my team.

Inside Pitch: What have you worked on so far this season and before that in Big League Spring Training?

Gomez: I worked a lot with my mind just to stay focused on the game and play like a professional.

Inside Pitch: Was there anything you worked on from a hitting or individual standpoint?

Gomez: I went to Spring Training and got a lot of work in with a lot of professional guys like Bergeron, Jose Reyes and Moises Alou. Moises taught me about playing defense and hitting. I learned a lot there.

Inside Pitch: What about your body? According to all of the media guides, you've gained about 20-30 pounds since last season.

Gomez: Last year, I weighed 185 pounds and now I'm up to 205. I think I feel good and I'm feeling more comfortable. I feel like I'm running better now and that I have more pop.

Inside Pitch: A year ago, you got off to a slow start at Binghamton. How important is it to have such a strong start here in Triple-A?

Gomez: It's important. In Spring Training, I learned a lot and now I'm just carrying it over.

Inside Pitch: Have you enjoyed hitting third thus far?

Gomez: Yeah, I feel comfortable. I feel like a professional and I have confidence.

Inside Pitch: Have you and Lastings Milledge gotten together any on game strategy since he arrived in New Orleans?

Gomez: Yeah, I talk a lot with Lastings about when to steal bases and things like that. I like playing with him.

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