Rick's Musings: Jets' Victory Caused Palpitations

Ah-Alright now! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllletsgo!!!! Starting your season like that is like dipping your head in ice cold water to start the morning. If your physical constitution's weak, it'll leave you sniffling and feverish. If you can stand it, it'll send you out to attack the day like Rocky Balboa.

One down! Bring on the Champs! (We still gotta call them that. The Horror.)

I dunno how many of y'all are aware of this, but the Jets play 3 divisional games - half the in-house schedule - in the first three weeks. Stumble out the gate, and you'll spend the rest of the season catching up on that tie-breaker deficit.

So the Buffalo game was huge. As I expected, Drew Bledsoe has immediately made this a truly dangerous football team. A very potent Bills offense threw everything they had at us, and we came out on top.

True, we won't be able to rely on a kick return for a TD every week -- let alone two of them, (and kudos once again to Terry for getting a playmaker like Chad Morton last season) -- but we proved that we will throw the ball downfield (effectively, too), and our D (except against the run, and more on that in a sec) contributed in a big way.

We'll always have good memories of the times Aaron Glenn and Marcus Coleman wore the Green, but Aaron Beasely and Donnie Abraham (1 pick each to start their Jet careers) sure made it clear they intend to be remembered the same way.

Also, let me take my hat off to Wayne Chrebet. How does this guy keep coming through in money time? Since sports is an emotional thing much more than it is numbers, let me go on record here as saying that I'd rather have Wayne than a guy like Randy Moss on my team.

What else? Oh yeah - Marvin Jones played a hell of a game.

Now, to what I do best - the griping:

1. You can't make things happen unless you can run a play. Jets only had 44, to Buffalo's 58. Vinny's 30 pass attempts are fine, and his 24 completions for 2 strikes and no picks are of course wonderful, but it won't fly without an equal number of plays from the running game. I have absolute faith that LaMont can fill in brilliantly for Curtis, but I sure hope #28's ok.

2. Lavraneus Coles. LC is our #1 reciever. He must deliver on a regular basis. I realize that both Terrel Owens and Marvin Harrison had similar numbers, but that's not our problem. Way to go Vinny on spreading the air delivery around, but your main guy has GOT to get the ball more.

3. The Run D. You really can't tell by one game, and I have a feeling this Travis Henry guy is gonna open a can of whoop-ass every single time he's gonna play us, even if we get Baltimore's former front 7, but let's hope it's just him and not an open ended invitation for halfbacks around the league. We escaped Henry's superb outing because we forced 3 turnovers. It's easier to simply avoid the hole than it is to climb out.

That's about it. As I watch MNF and look ahead to the Pats game, two things become apparent: 1. Watch where you throw that thing. I like our D, but it's not as good as the Steelers'. Let's not get into that hole.

2. Antowain Smith will hope to use the Jets game as bouncing board from a tough effort against Jason Gildon and Co. Let's try to make a statement by giving him another hard time.

Enough about the real game. Let us turn to the ones in our mind, which means the all important...

Fantasy Angle

1. I actually went with Vinny over Michael Vick in Week 1. It cost me only 3 points and was not what cost me my opener. However, I should have known something was wrong simply because all the pundits seemed to agree with my move.

2. Curtis will not have many lousy outings like this. If that ankle injury really is nothing, he may not have another. I'm gonna continue to run with him.

3. I'm gonna keep going with LC, but for you guys who are short on productive wideouts, I have a feeling that Santana Moss is going to burn the Pats - yes, they of the impressive secondary - for some long gains and a couple of TD's.

4. If you have room on your roster, pick up Lamont and as Marty McFly said: Stay with him and follow the changes. He could make a very profitable game time switch if anything happens to Curtis.

That's about it. The end of the Patsy reign starts Sunday in our house. Lets go Jets!

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