Final 2002 Scouting Report: LHP, Lenny DiNardo

Leonard DiNardo was the Mets' 3rd round selection in the June 2001 free agent draft. DiNardo who projected to be a 1st rounder slid in this draft because he lost velocity late in his senior probably due to a tired arm. DiNardo pitched for the Stetson University Hatters where he was a teammate of Frank Corr. DiNardo patterns himself after Tom Glavine. DiNardo has many Mets fans in his family and a harbinger of things to come, they asked him to sign with the Mets prior to the draft.

DiNardo was coming off a tough 17 months when he was 16-1 for Stetson, 5-0 for Team USA, and 10-3 for Stetson in his junior season that left him with a tired arm. At 6'4", 187 lbs., DiNardo has room to grow so there is some projection possible. DiNardo might benefit greatly from adding 10-12 lbs. to his frame.

DiNardo exhibited weak ratios: 9.4 hits per 9 IP; 5.0 BB per 9 IP; and 9.2 K per 9 IP. DiNardo has good stuff but needs to trust it a bit more and throw more strikes. Filling out some during the off-season should help a lot.










Capital City















*Stats as of 10/01/02.

Repertoire. 4-seam fastball (FB), 2-seam fastball, curve ball (CB), (SL) and change up (CU).

Fastball. When healthy DiNardo threw his 4-seam fastball in the 90-91 mph range. The 4-seamer has excellent movement. DiNardo began to regain velocity at Brooklyn. The 2-seamer has solid movement.

Other pitches. DiNardo's SL is his best pitch. DiNardo has an excellent CU and a workable CB.

Pitching. DiNardo understands how to use his pitches effectively. He needs to keep his pitches low in the strike zone to be effective.

Projection. DiNardo projects to a solid #3 SP should he regain his velocity.

ETA. 2004.

Left-Handed Starting Pitchers Team
Phil Seibel AA - Binghamton Mets
Neal Musser A - St. Lucie Mets
Leonard DiNardo A - Capital City Bombers
Ross Peeples A - Capital City Bombers
Scott Kazmir A - Brooklyn Cyclones
Ryan Danly R - Kingsport Mets
Kelvin Garay R - Kingsport Mets


The Mets system has a number of left handed pitching prospects. With Bacsik promoted to the Mets, the farm system has only 4 starters pitching at the moment. The injured Brian Walker could be developed as a starter.

1. Neal Musser completed a rehab assignment at Brooklyn and returned to St. Lucie. He was having an excellent season until a foot injury sidelined him. He's added weight during the off-season and could move quickly through the system if he can remain healthy.

2. Leonard DiNardo is still recovering from a tired arm and is on a severe pitch limit constraint. He needs to throw more strikes to be successful. With his extensive repetoire, he could move very quickly through the system.

3. Ross Peeples is an end of the rotation SP with his work ethic.

4. Yunior Cabrera is starting at Brooklyn. This is Cabrera's 6th season in the Mets farm system and he has spent precious little time above short season leagues. For the most part, Cabrera has been a RP. Thus, the Mets likely are trying to fast track him by starting him. The 22-year old Cabrera throws an excellent CB and should add 2 mph to his FB and reach 90-91 mph. He has good control of both pitches and should move quickly through the system when he returns to the bullpen.

5. Jayson Weir and Ryan Danly could both return to starting after a stint in the bullpen.

6. Scott Kazmir automatically becomes the top left-handed starting pitching prospect in the farm system.

7. Kelvin Garay and Edgar A. Alfonzo bear watching also.

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